Lives at Risk: Health Minister Warns Kibuku Politicians Over Anti-Malaria Propaganda


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The Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng has warned political leaders in Kibuku district over the negative propaganda they spread among the people towards the government’s intervention to fight the spread of malaria in the district.

This follows the failure of the government to carry out indoor spraying of malaria in the district because some political leaders have spread lies that the chemicals can cause impotence among men the district.

She also revealed that on average 46 children succumb to malaria on a daily basis in the district because the Kibuku people rejected a nice intervention by the government due to misinformation and disinformation from their district leaders that has been going on within the communities.

She added that the people in the Kibuku district need to first embrace the malaria intervention, understand why the intervention was brought by the government and if there are any associated complications of the intervention, but all this can be achieved when the Kibuku leadership spreads the correct information about this good initiative by the government.

“Malaria is preventable and it can only be prevented at the community level if the communities themselves embrace the interventions that we have brought as government and this can be achieved when the leaders stop spreading lies about this malaria intervention initiative in order to fight against the rapid spread of malaria in the district,’’ Acheng said.

Acheng also revealed that the people’s lives have been at risk but now they are relying and depending on the leaders in Kibuku district to spread the correct information about government’s malaria intervention.

She further reassured the population that indoor residue spraying is safe for them and will not only reduce the burden of mosquitoes but also reduce malaria.

Dr. Jimmy Opigo the Manager of the malaria division in Kibuku district said that over 60% of people who come to the outpatient clinic come because of malaria yet it’s expected to be 30% and the test positivity rate has remained as high as over 70%.

Opigo also added that there are overwhelming severe forms of malaria that the facilities in Kibuku district cannot hold hence the many referrals to Paliisa and Mbale hospitals.

He also said that there is rampant anemia, black water fever, and very high levels of mortality in the Kibuku district.

The Minister for Bunyoro Affairs Jennipher Namutangu also revealed that the district has been losing a lot of people and it is unfortunate that many of the leaders didn’t guide the people but just chose to oppose.

She also added that matters of health are not like elections where you vote, so the decision that was taken in the council to fight against the malaria intervention in Kibuku was wrong, and the leaders were not guided, but at least today this issue was resolved.

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