KIBALE NATIONAL PARK: The Primate Capital of the World


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Kibale National Park is found in Western Uganda in Kabarole District. The park is located near Fort Portal Tourism City, the serene Ndali Kasenda crater area, Queen Elizabeth national park, Rwenzori mountain and Semuliki National Park.

Kibale is home to Chimpanzees in Uganda. This is because it has the highest concentration of chimps in the whole world. It is also home to 13 other primate species, making it an important place for primate conservation, research and tourism.

Kibale’s varied vegetation offers different varieties of wildlife habitat, ranging from the moist evergreen forest along the Fort Portal plateau, then the dry tropical forest, and the woodland and savanna along the rift valley floor.

In the tropical jungles of  Kibale, a world of wonder awaits you with the best encounter of our closest relatives, the playful chimpanzees, swinging from treetop to treetop in their natural habitat.

Found in lush forests of Kibale National park, these primates are known for their close-knit social groups.  They use tools and share 98% humans DNA. Take that trip and celebrate the fascinating world of our distant relatives.

Kibale National Park is also home to the uncommon L’ Hoest’s monkeys, olive baboons, colobus monkeys, forest hogs, warthogs, bush pigs, the rare sitatunga antelopes and many others.

Its also home to the African bush elephant. This elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal on earth. Elephants exhibit sophisticated intelligence, social behavior, and play a key role in wild ecosystems. Despite their essential roles in maintaining ecological balances and the flow of tourism, the African elephant remains one of the topmost species faced with a high risk of extinction.

The African Elephant has two confirmed species the bush elephant Loxodonta africana and the Forest elephant Loxodonta cyclotis, both of which exist in Uganda. The forest elephant is mainly found in Kibale National Park while Bush elephants live in Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth national parks.

Are you ready to dance with the enchanting echoes of the wild today, Kibale National Park offers the best Chimpanzee tracking experience ever.

The rustling leaves, the calls echoing through the forest, and suddenly, you’re face-to-face with these incredible creatures. It’s not just a journey, it’s an encounter of wild beauty.

Explore the wonders of Kibale National Park today, home to a vibrant tapestry of biodiversity, it’s a symphony of nature’s finest notes. From primates swinging in the trees to lush landscapes, every step in this park unveils a new chapter in the wild story.

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