There is Dirty Money in NUP Coffers, Bobi Wine Confirms


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Robert Kyagulanyi, the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party President, also known as Bobi Wine, has revealed that his party is soiled with ‘dirty money’ like the other opposition political parties. According to Bobi Wine, his party members use this ‘dirty money’ to enrich themselves instead of fighting to cause regime change, and they thrive on taking dirty money to work against their own parties.

Bobi Wine, during a press conference on January 15, 2024, accused NUP Members of Parliament and other members of having received dirty money at different levels to support activities that go against the party’s policies.

“We have all witnessed how political parties, especially the NUP MPs, on several occasions have been involved in receiving dirty money to work against their own parties; we know they got money to pass the anti-homosexuality bill in 2023. People like Twaha Kagabo, Bashir Kazibwe, Jimmy Lwanga, and many of you seated here have received money to spy on us; even when I issue directives that no one should take any dirty money, none of you heed my instructions,” Bobi Wine said.

This is not the first time Bobi Wine has accused his MPs and other members of his party of being corrupt. During a BBC interview last year in November while in the UK, he accused his MPs of working with the ruling government and alleged that the passage of the anti-homosexuality bill was because his MPs work for Museveni.

However, Kagabo accused Bobi Wine in return of being selfish and only wishing good for his family and himself and trying to deny them the means of survival, claiming that all he does is bend low and lick the Whiteman for a living.

“Bobi Wine is the most selfish person I know; he is always travelling to the Whiteman’s land to beg and collect money to run down his own country. By fronting their selfish interests, when we say otherwise, he brands us moles and eaters of dirty money, so what is the money he receives from us on a monthly basis called, or the one from his white friends?” Kagabo questioned.

Kagabo also questioned Bobi Wine’s intentions and morality with regards to the anti-homosexuality bill.

“If he didn’t want MPs to vote against homosexuality, it means he wanted us to support the immoral act. That is what his funders pay him for—to lead Ugandans astray,” he added.

According to political experts, all Ugandan political parties are sallied with ‘dirty money’, stating that most do not have political ideologies to guide them.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party was in the limelight last year for taking dirty money; Bobi Wine has also revealed how most of his MPs have dipped their fingers in the honey pot to fight each other, implying that opposition political parties survive on what they call dirty money.

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