Parliamentary Forum Urges Govt to Rectify National ID Errors for Older Persons in Need of Social Assistance Grant


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The Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection (UPFSP) has called on the government to allocate funds for the correction of errors on national identity cards belonging to older persons eligible for the social assistance grant.

Flavia Rwabuhoro Kabahenda, chairperson of the forum, highlighted the urgent need to address the barriers faced by 54,000 eligible older persons due to errors or lack of national IDs.

Recent assessments conducted by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development revealed that a significant number of older persons were hindered from enrolling in the social grant due to inaccuracies in their identification documents. Some individuals were found to possess national IDs with errors that understated their ages, disqualifying them from receiving the much-needed grant.

During a press conference held at the forum’s headquarters, Kabahenda emphasized the significant impact that cash transfers, such as the senior citizens grant, have on not only the recipients but also their households and communities. She stressed the critical role that national identity cards play in ensuring people have access to social protection programs provided by the government.

Kabahenda further explained that approximately 43,000 older persons require corrections to their national IDs, involving complicated verification processes, legal procedures, URSB approvals, and associated costs that exceed their financial capabilities. The forum seeks financial assistance to rectify these errors specifically for this category of older persons.

Lowering the eligibility requirements for older persons has been a constant call from various influential bodies within Uganda, including the Parliament and Cabinet. By addressing ID errors and expanding the grant’s coverage, the government could alleviate the financial burden for many deserving older persons and extend its social protection programs to reach a larger population in need.

The Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection is recognized for its crucial role in advocating for the rights and empowerment of vulnerable individuals in Uganda. Through effective stakeholder engagement and legislation, the forum aims to promote social justice and amplify social protection efforts throughout the nation.

The UPFSP welcomes all Members of Parliament who share a special interest in social justice and are dedicated to advancing social protection measures for all Ugandans. Their goal is to achieve collective action in improving the lives of vulnerable groups and ensuring that no deserving older person is left behind without essential support.

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