Asylum Seeking Scam Victims Stuck in Kenya Awaiting Paperwork from Ugandan NUP Leadership


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A group of youth who are victims of the asylum-seeking scam made possible by National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership under the guise of political persecution are reportedly stranded in Kenya, awaiting documents to help them fly to their desired destination in Western countries.

According to a story published by this publication last week, NUP is using staged and false claims of political persecution to obtain asylum for youth, who in turn have to pay a bounty fee after arriving in different countries abroad.

New revelations that include a stopover in Kenya and a list of famous media personalities who have left the country on false political persecution claims have emerged. According to the sources of this publication, a number of youths are stranded in Kenya, where they hide before they eventually make it out of Africa.

Emerging information reveals that a number of youths, including the famous Ghetto TV personality, Kalema, are stuck in Kenya following challenges in paper work processing. According to the source who is privy to this information, the stranded youth are stuck due to NUP disagreements like who to recommend first among the candidates and making files with well-organised, believable evidence of political persecution to avoid detection by the international community.

In 2023, Explorer ran a story that revealed that alleged NUP abductees were hiding in Kenya and other neighbouring countries, where they were awaiting visas to different destinations around the world on refugee status. The story quoted a source from Kenya who revealed that most Ugandans on that trail camped in the suburbs of Pangani, Nairobi. The story further revealed the involvement of victims, most of whom were lured to put up stunts and disappear from Uganda. The story revealed Lewis Rubongoya as one of the masterminds of the staged asylum trick to bring down the face of the Ugandan government on the international scene.

In a fresh twist, information has revealed that the political asylum ballot for overseas has been exploited by several personalities, including media personalities, in collaboration with NUP masterminds who prepare documents for them. In return, these people pay homage and show appreciation in cash to the NUP leadership to keep their refugee status protected.

Among the media personalities that used the same trickery that continues to damage Uganda’s image is the famous former NBS presenter Bahati Remmy, who became vocal against the government only after she stepped out of Uganda.

Flavia Namulindwa, a former journalist with Bukedde; Moses Walugembe, a former NBS TV reporter now in the US; Hussein Mukibi and Moses Walugembe, former Bukedde reporters; and Ntege William, aka Kyuma Kya Yesu of BBS TV, are among other media personalities who used the same ticket to leave the country.

According to the same sources, former Sanyuka TV and NBS presenter of Uncut Kalakata, Kawalya Isaac, aka Kayz, also left Uganda for the USA using the same asylum status visa after trying all methods, but only the political persecution ticket worked using NUP structures. A section of sources has challenged NUP and these personalities to refute these claims by providing their travel details.

With more details emerging another implicating evidence of how this political asylum is achieved was revealed yesterday, May 2, 2024, in Solomon Serwanjja’s Hard Question documentary, “Shooters on Record,” which revealed scenes on how Ashraf Kasirye, the Ghetto TV journalist, also obtained asylum in the US on grounds uniquely similar to others.

The documentary aired on the AIIJ channel reveals a very unfortunate incident where Kasirye was hit on the head by a teargas canister. The shocking detail is the manner in which the spinning analysis in the documentary claims that Ashraf was independently targeted for supporting NUP and Kyagulanyi.

Explorer has watched the documentary and has independently verified the handedness of Solomon Serwanjja’s channel in escalating and politicising unfortunate incidents that happen to journalists while covering riots. In this particular documentary, the narrator and the victim are heard insinuating that the government witch-hunts them for supporting NUP. The question that is left answered for innocent, unaware viewers is that anyone can be a victim of a riot, but to claim that they are targeted would need a better explanation than what is presented in the documentary.

This publication has received information from some of the countries where some of these scam asylum seekers are based that they are becoming nuisances in those countries, portraying a bad image for Uganda since the evidence at hand indicates that they are on economic trips for greener pastures. Upon verification of this information, Explorer will publish some of the locations and waiting places in different destinations where they are awaiting official political asylum status.

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