High-Risk Places to Avoid in Uganda During the Rainy Season


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The rainy season in Uganda can be quite intense, with overflowing river banks, mud slides, roads sinking in, flooding of roads, and houses, especially around swampy areas and water bodies. With all these uncertainties that can happen at any time, it is advisable that we avoid certain places during this time to ensure one’s safety and comfort if possible.

There are common areas that can be avoided during these heavy downpours that last for hours, including:

Riverbanks: Ugandan rivers can swell during heavy rainfall, leading to dangerous flash floods. It is advisable to avoid riverbanks during the rainy season, as the water levels can rise rapidly and pose a significant risk to one’s safety. Fishermen around Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert, and Lake George, among others, can change to another source of income as it is quite dangerous to carry out this activity in these heavy rains.

Low-lying areas, like swamps and rift valleys, are more prone to flooding during heavy rains. It is best to avoid these areas to prevent being stranded or trapped in rising waters or being swept away by the floods.

Some other high-risk areas are unpaved roads. The rainy weather can make unpaved roads muddy and difficult to navigate, making the roads impassable and getting stuck in the mud. Therefore,Β  it is advisable to avoid driving on unpaved roads during heavy rainfall, especially on roads under construction, as the roads would have been dug for improvement, making the ground soft and slippery.

Ugandans residing in hilly areas are at high risk of landslides during heavy rains. Like it was the case with Eastern Uganda in 2019, where several landslides swept across the region, leading to fatalities and a lot of damage, it is best to avoid staying up in the hilly areas. Travelling through hilly terrain during the rainy season can lower the risk of being caught in a landslide.

Open fields are known to be dangerous during heavy rains; they can get waterlogged and muddy during the rainy season, making them unpleasant and difficult to traverse. Avoid outdoor sports games like football, volleyball, and golf, among others, as walking or playing through open fields is not safe; one can get stuck or soaked up in the mud.

Construction sites can become hazardous during the rainy season due to slippery surfaces and unstable structures. Some can easily collapse as the ground or soil around them softens due to the heavy rains, leading to the loss of lives. Therefore, it is best to avoid visiting or working at construction sites during heavy rainfall to prevent accidents that could be fatal.

Markets and crowded areas: Crowded areas like markets can become chaotic and messy during the rainy season. It is best to avoid these areas to prevent getting caught in the rain or dealing with the hassle of navigating through crowded and wet spaces.

Overall, it is important to exercise caution and avoid certain places during the rainy weather in Uganda to ensure your safety and well-being. Take necessary precautions, such as staying indoors, avoiding flood-prone areas, and being mindful of your surroundings, to stay safe during the rainy season.

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