What To Consider Before Getting onto a Boda Boda


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After having a lunch date with friends over the weekend, we looked for the easiest means of transportation to take us to our next destination and we all concluded on Boda Bodas. When we stopped the Boda riders, we quickly realized we all had different attributes we were looking for before boarding.

Here are a few things to consider before boarding a Boda Boda;

As per the government’s requirements, every Boda rider is supposed to have on a reflector jacket as well as a helmet. If he doesn’t have the two, refrain from using them because chances are, you will be stopped by a traffic officer or robbed.

One should consider the hygiene and smartness of the rider.  You wouldn’t want to have a ride that is filled with a stench from the rider.

You need to consider the location of your destination. If you are not sure of where you are going, using a Boda is a good call because chances are, the rider knows the place you are headed to.

You should also consider the time of the day.  Getting on a Boda at night is not the wisest thing to do. Your safety should always come as a number one priority.

If it is not urgent, getting on a Boda Boda should not cross your mind. It is no news that most of the road accidents are caused by Boda Bodas, so if you can use other means other than a Boda, please do, if there’s no urgency.

We can never tell the mechanical condition of a Boda Boda but the physical appearance can tell half of the story. If at first sight the Boda looks out of shape, there is a big chance it is not in good mechanical condition. Always check the side mirrors because they guarantee safety a bunch.

Always check the number not only to cram it but to verify if it is positioned properly as required by the traffic police. In case of anything, it will guide the police to check with the CCTV for detailed information.

Lastly, which is a major factor for most people is the amount of money the Boda rider is charging. Is it affordable, in your price range or you cannot afford it? If yes, you can hop on but if its above your price range, look for alternative means of transportation.

Boda Bodas are a convenient way to get to places but caution should be taken as they are synonymous with accidents and thefts.



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