Uganda Maintains Stance on LGBTQ Despite US Intimidation


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The Ugandan government has issued a response to the travel advisory ban recently imposed by the United States government. The advisory, which was issued in June 9, urged American citizens to reconsider any plans to travel to Uganda.

The government has stated that it is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all visitors to the country, and that it will continue to work closely with international partners to achieve this goal.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem, has made a bold statement regarding Uganda’s stance on upholding its interests. According to Oryem, Uganda will not be intimidated by the United States into deviating from its course.

“This is malicious but we shall not lose sleep over it, I’m surprised they issued such statements, but if Americans don’t want to come it is ok, I am sure there are very many people from Europe, South America, China, Asia who are willing to come to Uganda, so we encourage other people to come to Uganda, to replace the Americans who don’t want to come,” he stated.

According to recent reports, Uganda has been deemed a safe place to live, with the streets of Kampala being safer than most streets in the US. In contrast, the US has been experiencing a high number of shootings, with incidents occurring day and night.

“Just two days ago, a black lady who identified as LGBTQ was shot and killed in broad daylight at a rail station in America. Since the signing of the bill, there has not been any killing of LGBTQ members in Uganda,” Oryem added.

The Minister has stated that the city remains steadfast in the face of recent threats, intimidation, and blackmail. The statement comes as the advisory has caused concern among some travelers. However, Oryem has assured the public that the city is safe and that there is no need for alarm.

Uganda’s potential for partnerships and progress has recently been recognized, despite certain parties’ loss of interest. Uganda remains a country with much to offer, and many countries are eager to cooperate with it.

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