Mourners Unhappy with NUP’s lack of Respect at Kato Lubwama’s Burial  


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Mourners at the final sendoff of fallen artist Kato Lubwama are extremely bitter with and ‘disgusted’ by the behavior of National Unity President (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi and his supporters for their ‘hypocrisy and selfishness’.

The mourners say the NUP principal and his supporters did not contribute any coin towards the late’s health troubles. According to the mourners, the NUP supporters were also well known for constantly insulting the late Kato, and some went ahead to post mocking posts on social media celebrating the ex-MP’s death.

However, the rowdy NUP camp, all with smiling faces and without shame, took up front seats at Kato Lubwama’s burial, and these deliberately turned the burial into a political rally.

“The true definition of a selfish and hypocritical person, when he (Kato) was sick, Bobi Wine didn’t contribute even a cent, but they were quick to get front seats at his burial and make long speeches using his burial to advance their hatred and political campaigns,” said one of the mourners.

It is understandable that Bobi Wine and Kato did not see eye to eye and that there had been a longstanding hatred between the two. On several occasions, the latter accused Bobi Wine and his circle of orchestrating a plan in 2020 that cost Kato his Rubaga South parliamentary seat.

“Bobi Wine’s group hatched the plan to remove Kato Lubwama from parliament, and even after succeeding, they went on insulting him daily on the Internet, this is disgusting!” said one of the mourners.

How can they come to his funeral and make it a political rally when, in life, they did not respect his political views? They have made a mockery of the great Kato, and it’s a shame they were allowed to,” another mourner stated.

Minister for justice and constitutional affairs Nobert Mao, who was also present at the burial, confirmed the allegations of the ‘plan’ to oust Kato from the parliamentary seat. Minister Mao also labeled the NUP leadership at the burial as shameless masqueraders who were present with the sole purpose of fronting their personal agenda.

“Let Kato Lubwama speak from the grave about Bobi Wine and other masqueraders and hypocrites who shamelessly cry crocodile tears. Kato Lubwama said his parliamentary seat was his livelihood, and a hyena (Bobi Wine) made him lose it. That surely shortened his life,” said Minister Mao.

Kato Lubwama was finally laid to rest at his ancestral home in Nkonzi, Mpigi District, yesterday, a week after he passed on from heart complications. Several people, including politicians and many others in the arts industry, saw him off.

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