Training Key to UPDF’s Intervention Capacity, Gen Bakasumba


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Maj Gen Jack Agonza Bakasumba, the Chief of Staff Land Forces, has reiterated the vital role of training in enhancing the intervention capacity of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF). Addressing the freshly graduated trainees from the Junior Command and Staff Course (JCSC) at the Junior Command and Staff College, Bakasumba emphasized the significance of rigorous training to effectively tackle diverse situations.

During the graduation ceremony held on December 21, 2023, at the esteemed Gaddafi Barracks in Jinja, Gen Bakasumba expressed his conviction that training holds the key to fortifying the UPDF’s capabilities in intervening and resolving various challenges promptly and efficiently.

To achieve the desired outcomes, Bakasumba emphasized the need for comprehensive training that focuses on enhancing capacity and cohesiveness. “We have to train hard to enhance our capacity and cohesiveness to act decisively and achieve any desired end-state,” he stated.

In recent years, the UPDF has invested significantly in broadening the scope of training opportunities available to its personnel. From basic training to participation in courses at the esteemed National Defence College (NDC), the force has successfully implemented comprehensive training strategies. This expansion of training avenues has enabled the UPDF to boost its intervention capabilities and fulfill its mandate more effectively.

General Bakasumba urged the officers to maintain determination and composure while also valuing the opinions of others. He emphasized the importance of drawing intelligence from both the current and historical context of the UPDF, thereby highlighting the significance of situational awareness.

The graduation ceremony witnessed the passing out of 108 officers, among whom eight females were awarded Grade III certificates for their outstanding performance. The exemplary officers who distinguished themselves received special recognition and tokens of appreciation as a token of motivation.

Distinguished guests in attendance included high-ranking officers from the UPDF and Uganda Police Force, civil leaders, as well as family members of the graduates.

The emphasis on training as a primary pillar of the UPDF’s intervention strategy underscores the force’s commitment to maintaining a highly capable and professional military. As Uganda continues to face various security challenges, the UPDF remains committed to enhancing its intervention capacity through rigorous training, which will contribute significantly to the achievement of peace and stability in the region.

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