The Reshuffling Controversy: Nambeshe Expresses Disappointment in NUP, Hints at Returning to NRM


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John Baptist Nambeshe, a Member of Parliament representing Manjiya sub-county in Budada on the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket, has raised concerns over the recent reshuffling within the party. Nambeshe, who also serves as the opposition chief whip in parliament, has expressed his disappointment, referring to the reshuffling as tribalistic and favoring certain regions over others, particularly Buganda. This controversy has led Nambeshe to consider a possible return to the National Resistance Movement (NRM), sparking discussions about the future of NUP’s eastern wing.

The Leadership Position Predicament:

In a recent radio show, Nambeshe pointed out the exclusion of Easterners from key leadership positions within the party. He criticized the decision to appoint Joel Ssenyonyi, who is relatively new to parliament, as the Leader of Opposition (LoP), despite the existence of more experienced candidates from Busoga and Bugishu regions. Nambeshe emphasized that the reshuffling had unveiled certain unsettling realities and unveiled a deep-seated political bias.

The Importance of Fair Representation:

According to Nambeshe, the Eastern region has been neglected when it comes to political placements within NUP. He cited the suspension of Moses Bigirwa from the party as an example. Nambeshe’s discontent further stems from a perception that NUP is becoming overwhelmingly dominated by Buganda, with key positions being allocated to individuals from this region. He argues that this phenomenon undermines diversity and inclusivity within the party.

Considering a Return to NRM:

In his New Year radio message to the people of Bugishu, Nambeshe expressed his dissatisfaction with NUP and hinted at the possibility of rejoining the NRM. He revealed that discussions were underway with Captain Mike Mukula, raising speculation about potential political realignments. Nambeshe’s relationship with NUP seems strained, suggesting a fissure in the party’s unity. His frustration over the reshuffling could prompt other NUP members from the Eastern region to reevaluate their political affiliations.

The Perception of Incompetence:

Nambeshe’s criticism of NUP’s internal process also extended to the party’s deputy spokesperson, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro. Allegations have arisen that Mufumbiro has made careless mistakes while representing the party, tarnishing its image. One incident involved his accusation that Mohamed Ssegirinya was pretending to be sick to collect money, which backfired and prompted damage control efforts by the party’s Secretary General, Lewis David Rubongoya. These incidents have raised concerns about the effectiveness of NUP’s communication strategies.

As the controversy surrounding NUP’s reshuffling continues, all eyes are on the political landscape. The dissatisfaction expressed by John Baptist Nambeshe regarding the party’s allocation of leadership positions highlights the underlying tensions and potential divisions within NUP. The possible return of Nambeshe to the NRM, along with discussions of other members from the Eastern region realigning themselves, raises questions about the party’s unity and the future dynamics of Uganda’s political arena.

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