Winnie Byanyima Declares Bid for Presidency in 2026 Elections, Promising New Direction for the Future


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Winnie Byanyima, wife of former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Kizza Besigye Kifefe, has made her intentions clear to run for Uganda’s highest office, aiming to fulfill her husband’s long-standing dream.

In a widely shared video on social media, Byanyima expressed her desire to contest for the presidency, emphasizing the need to bring about change and reorganize the country. She highlighted the prolonged tenure of one person in power, now aged and seemingly fatigued, being surrounded by inexperienced individuals who currently govern the nation.

“The country is not in safe hands. It’s time for us to open our eyes and realize that we need a new direction,” Byanyima passionately exclaimed during her speech.

Byanyima also cautioned the public to be wary of self-serving politicians attempting to manipulate them into joining their camps, urging them to vote for capable leaders. The voice recording was shared on social media platforms and quickly gained attention across the country.

An anonymous source from Nyamitanga division in Mbarara district, who spoke to our reporter, revealed that Byanyima had begun mobilizing people for the upcoming 2026 general elections.

“Byanyima intends to run for the presidency. Her recent interactions with the people reflect the same approach she employed when representing us in parliament. I am certain that her frequent visits and outreach efforts are aimed at mobilization. She is an ambitious woman, and come 2026, her name will undoubtedly appear on the ballot,” stated the source.

Earlier in October 2023, rumors circulated that the FDC Katonga faction, led by interim chairman Erias Lukwago, had split due to Kizza Besigye endorsing Winnie as the party’s flag bearer and presidential candidate for the next general elections.

The FDC party has experienced internal strife and significant changes throughout 2023, with the initial split forming the Najjanakumbi and Katonga factions. This phase has weakened what was once the strongest opposition political party in Uganda.

Byanyima remains undeterred by the challenges ahead, assuring her followers that she is fearless and prepared to face any obstacles. She exuded confidence, stating that women possess the ability to bring about positive change gradually and methodically, working alongside the people to reorganize the country.

“I am not afraid of any opposition. Women know how to clean up; we will proceed cautiously, with a well-thought-out plan, collaborating with the people to rebuild and rejuvenate our nation,” Byanyima asserted.

Residents, like Julius Nimwesiga from Ruti, have expressed their support for Byanyima’s presidential bid, lauding her ambition and determination. As the political landscape in Uganda evolves, eyes will be fixed on the upcoming 2026 general elections, where Byanyima aims to secure the presidency and make a lasting impact on the nation.

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