The Intriguing Role of Money: Besigye’s Diversionary Tactic to Reclaim FDC Presidency


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Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye, a four-time presidential candidate, wants a comeback at politics through Ssemujju and Lukwago, by causing chaos through their known hired goons, who terrorised FDC-Najjanakumbi last week by beating up journalists and blocking the FDC chairman from assessing the premises.

According to Alfred Okot Ochan, one of the errand boys used at Katonga, Dr. Besigye has been planning a comeback for a while now, a plan he thought he would execute if Amuriat was under his wings; however, he discovered that Amuriat would not be a yes man to Besigye.

“Dr. Besigye thought that Amuriat was a pushover, whom he introduced to a team of boys around the city that could cause chaos and disorganize the country with hooliganism like he had always done during his presidency as a party leader. Amuriat distanced himself from Besigye,” Ochan said.

Ochan added that the money issue is just a diversionary tactic employed by the Katonga team to tarnish Amuriat and Nandala’s names,

“Money has of course exchanged hands among the two factions, but because Dr. Besigye wants a comeback, he created Katonga to bring Divisions,” said Ochan.

He further revealed that by creating a rift between the eastern boys (Amuriat and Nandala) and the central boys (Ssemujju and Lukwago), Party Members will plead with him to return, where he will pretend he is not interested, yet in the background all he does is fuel the bad blood between the two teams.

Some FDC supporters at the Najjanakumbi faction believe he does not need Ssemujju and Lukwago; he is using them as stepping stones to win back the Buganda region, which was the stronghold of FDC and was lost to NUP in 2021.

According to Besigye, he is no longer interested in waiting for elections in 2026; that is too far. He made these remarks at the burial of Hussein Kyajo.

“I am no longer interested in waiting for elections to do something; in fact, my people are asking me to save FDC from the current wrangles. I told them we can’t wait for the 2026 elections,” Besigye said.

Dr. Besigye has been out of active politics and turned to activism; however, of late, he seems to be taking an active interest in contesting again, so it is therefore not far from the truth to say he is indeed working towards gaining the party presidency while riding on the divisions of the FDC.

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