Besigye Urges NUP Leadership to Sell Him the Party; NUP Rejects Offer


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Dr. Kizza Besigye, a four-time presidential candidate and founder of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has asked the leadership of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party to sell the party to him or reconcile with Mathias Mpuuga, as it will not end well with NUP if Mpuuga is not called back.

Besigye, during a talk show on local television, said that NUP alone cannot handle the fight against the National Resistance Movement (NRM), since most of its members in parliament are NRM-leaning and are losing trust in their party due to the fight with Mpuuga.

“NUP is at a disadvantage due to the conflicts they are having with Mpuuga, so the only option they have right now is selling the party to us at Katonga or reconciling with Mpuuga, who will finish them off if they don’t,” said Besigye.

According to insiders, FDC Katonga is not in a better political position because they are searching for followers to either form a new party or buy one. The source states that is why Katonga had a consultation meeting earlier this week at the Kireka School for the Deaf.

“You cannot imagine how low they have sunk; they held a consultative meeting at the school of the deaf and used the deaf people to hold the FDC sign in the air to claim support. Those poor people can’t speak; how could they take advantage of them?” queried a supporter.

Alex Mufumbiro, the deputy spokesperson of NUP, has criticised Besigye for his comments, claiming that he failed at managing FDC and was the cause of its collapse, stating that he has no right to advise NUP.

“Imagine Besigye trying to advise NUP and comment about its shortcomings when he was kicked out of the party he founded and has no party at the moment. We cannot sell the party, and it will never be for sale,” Mufumbiro said.

This follows the ongoing wrangles in the NUP between their Deputy President Buganda region and the Party leadership of NUP concerning corruption allegations that came to light after the hashtag Uganda Parliament Exhibition on Twitter by some political activists.

Political commentators state that this might be the beginning of either a negotiation deal between NUP and FDC Katonga or an end to their political alliance.

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