Youth Seeking Asylum Forced to Pay NUP Leadership Fee after Being Taken to Canada Using Staged Political Persecution Claims


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Shocking secrets of NUP using staged and false claims of political persecution to obtain asylum for youth, who in turn have to pay a bounty fee after arriving in different countries abroad, have been revealed, sparking a wave of fear and anger among the orchestrators and beneficiaries of the scam.

According to leaked documents making rounds in small circles on social media, youth who are aided by NUP to attain asylum in different destinations such as the US, Canada, and the UK are required to pay back to the party structures a bounty fee that ranges from five hundred thousand shillings per month classified as ordinary (500,000 Shs). This money is disguised as a contribution to NUP; however, sources have revealed that it is one of the conditions that the “greener pasture seeking youth” are given before the party aids them to seek asylum.

These revelations have come to light following leaked documents from NUP recommending youth, who, back in Uganda, are not even involved in political activities, seek political asylum. The documents that have been obtained by this publication reveal sinister actions by David Lewis Rubongoya, Aisha Kabanda, and Robert Kyagulanyi as the masterminds of the asylum scam that puts Ugandan desperate youth on a road to leaving their motherland using dramatic means.

According to sources unwilling to be mentioned for their safety, Lewis Lubongoya leads a brigade of a recruiting team that outsources youth from universities and other unemployed youth. The youth are trained in civil disobedience and used on the front lines of political activism with the promise of helping them obtain asylum in first-world countries. According to the source, this gets very scary to the extent that some members inflict self-harm and stage scenes of “believable’’ political persecution, including disappearance and life-threatening claims, which later become a basis for NUP to use in applying for their asylum.

This publication has put hands on some documents proving these claims by the source, but for the protection of the persons being victimised in the documents, we omit their names from public view.

However, following these severe actions from the NUP leadership, a concerned citizen wrote to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, a letter that Explorer has chosen to publish in full to avoid distorting the assertions in the letter.

This letter to the Canadian Prime Minister has sparked online debate from pro-NUP supporters, with one outstanding voice being that of NUPUSA, a pro-NUP human activism organisation that took to their X page to say that this letter was outrageous.

“To our friends in Canada, we urge you to stand firm in your commitment to human rights and grant asylum to those fleeing persecution in Uganda,” the NUPUSA statement partly reads.

Another statement from pro-NUP X influencer Kirya-Ug reads, “Over 120 Ugandans are to be deported back home from Canada because one fool from here wrote to the Canada Emigrants Committee letting them know that all those people who had moved to Canada seeking asylum are lying.”

Referring to NUP, a political analyst from Makerere University speaking to our reporter said that politics is something big for the party to comprehend and asserted that they are seeking all possible means to keep them financed by donors. “Some of these things are expected, but if NUP thinks the letter written to the Prime Minister of Canada is a lie, then they should allow for Canada’s investigations instead of using social media to bash the letter,” he said.

The political analyst also said that the 2023 US Human Rights Report on Uganda is a piece of sentimental social media-gathered information, and nothing substantial is indicated in the report, claiming that this is a clear indication of bad intentions from the authors of the report from the time Uganda decided to uphold the law against homosexuality.

“That’s what the US does,” he said, adding that they want everyone to bend to their demands. “Human rights are supposed to be universal and inherent; if LGBTQ+ activities are not inherent and generally disagreed with in Africa, then they don’t qualify as a right,” the political analyst said.

The political analyst said that it’s a case of human rights, and Uganda can charge the orchestrators in court. “If Canada independently verifies that the National Unity Platform party has been fraudulently obtaining asylum for youth after involving them in political activism on that basis, then that’s denying people the right of belonging to their home and depriving dignity, sending them to refugee status. If this is verified, it’s a big offence,” he said.

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