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Alleged Torture Victims Point fingers at Each other after information reveals them as Criminals

While appearing before the Parliamentary committee on human rights, alleged torture victims raised controversies that left the committee questioning the authenticity of their torture claims.

The alleged victims whose status became clear that they are suspects of different crimes had provided pictorial evidence of their torture to the committee.

However, during their narrations one of them Deo Segawa disclosed that he was betrayed by Bashir Mukungu who gave him a call that led to his arrest. “He called me and once we met, they arrested me and to my surprise he is the one that drove my car off,” Segawa pointed fingers at Mukungu.

It was later revealed that Mukungu has a case file CRB805/2018 on charges of murder and robbery whereas his collegues Musa Nsereko has a case file number CRB61/2018. The rest of the suspects who claim to have been tortured Isma Mukwaya, Isma Bukenya, Deo Segawa, Okware Joseph have cases on charges of armed robbery.

Following a revelation by Segawa, the committee was left questioning the manner in which the suspects are giving un coordinated accounts.

It has been revealed that the suspects claiming to have been tortured in ISO safe houses are criminals who have committed aggregated offences and are looking for to wood wink and beat security for possible escape of the tough hand of the Law.




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