UPDF Commander Under ATMIS Urges Jiddo, Garre Clans to Ceasefire and Reconcile


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Colonel Topher Magino, the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) Commander of Battle Group 40 under the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), has met with the two militaristic clan leaders of Jiddo and Garre in Quiryole district, Somalia, and urged them to ceasefire and embrace peace for the sake of their people who want harmony.

He made these remarks on April 21, 2024, while meeting with Mohamed Ibrahim Barre, the Governor of lower Shabelle, and the clan leaders of Jiddo and Garre, where he implored them to embrace reconciliation.

“Whatever the reason of the conflict, find a way to reconcile; your people want peace and harmony,” Col. Magino said.

He added that, as UPDF, they pledge to support the district authorities to ensure that peace and normalcy prevail in the sub-region.

Mohamed called for dialogue and investigations into the cause of the conflict among the clans, adding that these clashes mainly affect their people.

“It should serve as a lesson learned for all of us, and it should not happen again. We must work together and ensure that peace and harmony return to the district,” Mohamed said.

Clan conflicts in Somalia are very common occurrences, and according to authorities, they are the main reason the country has failed to achieve peace. The district of Quoryole, which is located 100 kilometres west of Mogadishu City, has, for the past two months, experienced violent conflicts between the Jiddo and Garre clans and claimed over 10 lives on an issue yet to be known.

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