UN Apologizes to Uganda for NUP Supporters’ Misconduct at the Geneva conference


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The office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations has written to the Ugandan government apologizing over National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters who disrupted Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka’s submission before the committee against torture at Palais Wilson in Geneva.

On November 10th, NUP supporters living abroad stormed into the conference ranting, stripping and hurling insults at everyone that came in their way including the security personnel who tried to stop them from disrupting the event.

According to the letter dated 16th November 2022, all registered observers were advised that only country representatives were entitled to take the floor and were thus advised to provide a peaceful atmosphere from the different nations’ representatives that had been present.

“As with all registered non-governmental observers, they had been duly informed that, while the meeting in question was public, only representatives of the State party and members of the committee were entitled to take the floor,” reads the letter.

The letter states that even though some were cleared to be in attendance as observers, others managed to barge their way into the conference in protest with the sole purpose of disrupting as the AG started giving his speech.

Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner expressed his deepest regret about the barbaric scenes perpetuated by the NUP supporters. According to the letter, the unruly Ugandans did not only disrupt the AG’s speech, they went ahead to fight for food designated as dinner for the delegates after forcing their entry into the conference rooms.

“Only invited representatives were entitled to the conference refreshments which would be availed at convenience immediately at the end of the successive sessions. We regret the manner in which the red donned supporters conducted themselves at the dining tables which sparked off a scuffle with the security personnel,” reads letter.

The letter expresses its regret in regards to the immoral and unfortunate incident. It also adds that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that there is no future repetition of such an incident with respect to any State party delegation.

“The office of the High Commissioner reiterates its sincere regret that the events in question took place and expresses its continuing appreciation for the constructive engagement of the Government of Uganda with the United Nations treaty bodies and with the office itself,” reads the letter.

The acts were condemned by Ugandans back home who criticized the NUP supporters for tarnishing the beautiful and hospitable name of Uganda. Some have chastised the red camp for continuously grooming a following synonymous with depraved behavior.



Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
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