The Mystical Beauty of Kasenda Crater Lakes


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Kasenda crater lakes in Kibale National Park in Uganda are a natural wonder and a must see on your trip to Uganda. The crater lakes that are located in Kibale near Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks are called Ndali Kasenda craters because they are in Ndali Kasenda Area.

The crater lakes are believed to have been formed during volcanic eruptions that occurred 10,000 years ago in the area.

The Ndali Kasenda region comprises of over 60 explosion craters which include those filled with fresh water. However, a few of these crater lakes radiate volcanic gasses and contain toxic, green-colored water.

Crater Lakes in Ndali-Kasenda

Lake Lyantonde

This is located west of lake Nyinambuga and it offers a rich view of hills with a thick forest surrounding the lake. On the crater lake, you get to see various bird species, geckos and enjoy the view of the green forest canopy and hills surrounding the crater lake.

Lake Nkuruba is another crater lake with the best spot for nature walks as one enjoys the natural beauty of the land. Lake Nkuruba is 25 kilometers south of Fort Portal and very accessible. Visitors can camp at Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite which is an ecotourism camp where one gets a chance to spot red, black and white colobus birds.

Lake Nkuruba surrounded by trees that inhabit various bird and animal species
Lake Nkuruba surrounded by trees that inhabit various bird and animal species

Lake Nyabikere which derives its name from hosting several frogs and most times referred to as the lake of frogs is another place where tourists get to enjoy the view of tea plantations and the mountains of the moon.

Lake Nyinambuga

This lake is surrounded by numerous forest trees which add up to its beauty.

Lake Kifuruka which is found west of lake Nyinambuga before you reach lake Lyantonde is one of the perfect place for canoe boat expeditions coupled with a cool breeze.

Other lakes include, Lake Mubiro, Lake Ntambi, lake Nyamugasani and Lake Nyanswinga.

Resorts to take a nap when one visits Kasenda Crater lakes
Resorts to take a nap when one visits Kasenda Crater lakes

Activities done on Kasenda lakes.

Boat rides

These are carried out using canoes to cross from one lake to another and are operated by the locals.


Hiking to the hills surrounding the crater lakes is breathtaking. On a hike you encounter chimpanzee playing on trees of the thick forest surrounding the lakes.

Bird viewing

The thick forests surrounding the lakes harbor numerous bird species which are spotted either on tree branches or on water. They include marabou stork, shoe bill, grey crowned crane and many more.

Nature walks

Nature walks are amazing as they take you through the beautiful nature of the forest and the hills leading to the beautiful crater lakes. If you get a chance, you can also spot chimpanzees, red, black and white colobus.

Bicycle Tours

These are fun as you ride on trails to the top of the hills while enjoying the thick green nature and beautiful view of the lakes and their surroundings.

Why not book your trip now and enjoy this beauty of the land.

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