Policeman Arrested over Shooting Female Student in Mukono


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Police in Mukono have arrested Dismass Tebangole a 57-year-old Policeman over shooting Natasha Naggayi, a 21-year-old student from Mukono University and resident of Nabuti village, after she attempted to open his main door in the wee hours of the night.

According to the Police, the incident occurred on May 20, 2023 at around 1:00am.

The preliminary report from Police indicates that Tebangole who is attached to Counter Terrorism VIPPU, shot Naggayi from a residential home with the main gate widely open.

“There were three bullet holes observed on the front side of a window glass of the suspect’s residential home, and the victim was found with suspected bullet wounds and blood stains on the chest and back,“ the police report read in part.

However, during the Police interrogation, the suspect revealed that at 1:00am on Saturday, May 20, 2023, he realized that someone was attempting to open his main door and he fired bullets in the event of suspicion of a thief.

“Today at 1:00am, I heard someone trying to open the main door of my house. When I peeped from the window glass and saw a person trying to open my door with a key,  I mistook it for a thief and then discharged three live bullets through the window glass directly to the person,” Tebangole said.

Police said that Naggayi was a girlfriend to one of the residents identified as Ashraf Bandishe.

Police said that after the shooting, the victim made an alarm which alerted Hanington Ssengendo a caretaker of the residents and other neighbors, who responded to the screams.

’’After the shooting, the victim screamed the boyfriend’s name, which alerted the caretaker identified as Hanington Ssengendo and other neighbors that eventually came out, and questioned Naggayi who revealed to them that she is a girlfriend to Bandishe whom they had been out with for leisure, but gave her the key to go forward first,” Police added.

Police revealed that Naggayi could not locate the actual room of the boyfriend and ended up on the wrong door where she ended up being shot.

Police rushed to the crime scene took statements, and arrested Tebangole who is currently being held at CPS Mukono while the victim was taken to  Kawolo hospital in a critical condition for medical attention, as further inquires are still ongoing.

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