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KT news, a news portal based in Rwanda has continued to serialize the story claiming that President Museveni supports RNC rebels.

In the recent article of 17th March 2019, they claim that on 1th March 2019, the RNC’s head of diplomacy Ms Charlotte Mukankusi was in Uganda where she met with President Museveni and that He (Museveni) issued her a Ugandan passport to unlock RNC Diplomacy.

President Museveni like any other President is free to meet any body who lives in his Country but this does not mean that he sympathizes with elements opposed to Kigali.

Kigali regime should thought out their internal problems and should not drug Uganda into it.

Rwanda Government has not presented any evidence that Museveni issued Ms. Mukankusi a Ugandan passport; to say the least the President does not issue passports. The specimen of the passport claimed to have been issued to Mukankusi by Uganda is just a manipulated propaganda.

The signatures and date of birth on the two passports are different.
If at all the passport was genuinely issued by Ugandan authorities, its possible that Ms. Mukankusi could have acquired it by exploiting the loop holes in the Directorate of Immigration and Citizenship Control since such cases have been common.

The daily monitor of 11th March 2017 reported that many foreigners had obtained Ugandan passports through wrong channels. And since 2017, the Ministry of foreign affairs has actually been investigating a racket which is selling Ugandan National IDs and passports in most cases to Burundians, Congolese, Rwandans and Somalis.

The new vision of 18th April 2018 also reported that the Government was to recall 93 diplomatic passports. The Ministry of Internal Affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo said that the matter was being investigated to establish how some Ugandans and non-Ugandans who do not qualify for such passports got them.

Rwanda should give due respect to Uganda and her President Y.K Museveni, who have extended a loving heart to Rwandese citizens now living in Uganda.

There are over 3 million Rwandans doing business in Uganda including President Kagame`s own relatives, his personal businesses and over 14970 Rwandan refugees are staying here courtesy of the Ugandan open door policy on refugees.

Why should Rwandese lives matter when Uganda targets espionage agents but Rwandese lives do not matter when Rwandan journalist is killed in Uganda or when refuges are kidnapped and later killed by the so called unknown gunmen?

If Uganda is very dangerous, why would Rwandans crave to beat their own security to come into Uganda? The Rwandans living in Uganda are not even dying to return to their Country. If their lives were under threat they would have crossed the border long time ago.

Time will tell whether the centre still holds for Rwanda`s Kagame, if Kagame`s tendencies continue to uphold.

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