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President Museveni’s New Facebook Profile Photo Excites Bazzukulu

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s new profile photo on Facebook has excited his ‘Bazzukulu’ across the political divide.

The viral photo, now President Museveni’s new profile photo on Facebook was taken during the 2019 State of The Nation (SoN) Address which he delivered at Serena Conference Centre June 6.

The lovely close up photo shows the President’s heartfelt smile which he wore through out the whole SoN address session.

Many of his followers have appreciated the photo and a good number took to the photo thread to congratulate the President for exuding good qualities of leadership.

Some expressed gratitude to him for delivering a detailed address with good national policies whereas others congratulated him upon being able to keep in good shape and in good health.

The massive following on the President’s social media handles is a clear indicator that he is still a darling to many Ugandans.

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