Police Officer Dismissed and Charged with Rape for Assaulting Victim Seeking Help


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A police officer has been dismissed from duty and is facing charges of rape after sexually assaulting a woman who sought help at the Namusita police post in Busoga North and Buyende district. The victim, a 30-year-old housewife from Kalamabo village in Ndowe Sub country, had come to report a case of domestic violence against her husband.

Detective Inspector of Police Balikowa, who was in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the police post, took advantage of the vulnerable situation and betrayed the trust placed in him.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, revealed during a recent security press conference held October 30, 2023, that the officer offered to provide temporary shelter to the victim but instead drove her to Nakabila police barracks. There, he took advantage of her, subjecting her to sexual assault on two separate occasions. The next morning, Balikowa dropped her off near Nabusita Police post, promising to address her husband’s arrest.

The victim’s husband was later apprehended and gave his statement to the authorities. The Child and Family Protection Unit stepped in to assist, arranging for the wife’s medical treatment due to the injuries inflicted upon her. Subsequently, the woman reported the rape incident to the police.

Enanga expressed his condemnation of the officer’s abuse of authority, emphasizing the need for caution among female victims approaching law enforcement.

“You can see how vulnerable the victim was when the suspect took her to his room. Of course, as the police we do strongly condemn such acts of abuse of authority by few bad elements in the force”, said Enanga.

He highlighted the vulnerability of the victim and informed the public that the police force holds a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual violence, both within police facilities and in the surrounding community.

The police disciplinary court has initiated proceedings against Balikowa, ensuring that justice is served for the victim. This alarming incident underscores the importance of maintaining trust, integrity, and professionalism within the law enforcement system, a responsibility that the police are committed to upholding.

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