Kyagulanyi Picks Singer King Saha for Busiro North MP Seat, Dumps MP Nsubuga


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The Busiro North Member of Parliament, Paul Nsubuga, is the latest member of the Opposition National Unity Platform, NUP, to be targeted by Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine.

A source closer to the NUP leader has revealed that Bobi Wine has selected Entebbe-based local musician Manisul Ssemanda, aka King Saha.

King Saha, who is closely associated with Bobi Wine these days, has already started to record songs insulting and maligning the ruling party, a signature modus operandi by all of Bobi Wine’s close politicians.

Another source at the Kavule NUP-based office, local singer King Saha has named his latest music project “The 100 Revolutionary Songs,” and so far he has released three songs.

The songs are aimed at inciting the public to rise against the NRM government (NRM), and another reliable source has revealed that the project was initiated by Bobi Wine but opted to use King Saha as a conduit.

“Bobi Wine had also tried releasing political songs, but they failed to sell; he decided to use King Saha, whose relevance has been high lately,” said the source.

As King Saha works on the project in exchange for a NUP ticket to represent Busiro North come 2026, many Ugandans remain shocked at Bobi Wine’s political choices and decisions that have reduced the quality of politicians and debate in Parliament.

The 11th parliament is the worst parliament in the history of Uganda’s legislation after the 2021 NUP wave that sent poor-quality legislators to parliament.

Surprisingly, Bobi Wine has recently been seen fighting the polished brains in the NUP in favor of violent and low-quality politicians.

The recent victims of his whip include the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, MP Mathias Mpuuga, MP Lubega Ssegona, MP Dr. Abed Bwanika, and others.

One would wonder what language King Saha would use in Parliament if he was voted and whether his alarming rate of indiscipline would be tolerated in the august house.

Bobi Wine is also remembered for causing violence in parliament during his days as a legislator some years ago.

Removing all of NUP’s credible legislators and replacing them with low-caliber musicians and gangsters will undoubtedly not strengthen his opposition party.

A member of parliament is supposed to be a person of high moral standards in society and, therefore, a role model.

Ideally, most of these violent marijuana smokers would deserve rehabilitation centers before being sent to parliament.

It is high time that Ugandans started loving their country and making choices that would build it and make it a better place.

Not every person can be a member of parliament, and it is up to the voters to decide. Legislation is the foundation for building a better society.

Bobi Wine and his team should need to be called to order by right-thinking citizens, elders, and opinion leaders before the country plunges into chaos.

The poor quality of legislators has already affected the quality of debate, and poor quality politicians have accelerated the current moral degeneration levels.

We need Ugandans of good will to come out and talk for the good of our country.

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