Police Investigate Murder Case Allegedly Due to Domestic Violence


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The police in Wakiso have launched an investigation into a tragic incident involving two individuals who lost their lives in what appears to be a case of domestic violence. The victims have been identified as Jessica Achen, a 29-year-old woman, and her partner Kenneth Ogwal, aged 28. Their bodies were discovered in a rented room located in the Kireku Railway Zone of Bweyogerere Division, Wakiso district.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire, the Deputy Police Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan, the incident came to light when concerned neighbors noticed an unusual silence emanating from the house. Upon closer inspection, they noticed bloodstains, leading them to promptly inform the local defense secretary, who immediately contacted the Bweyogerere police.

“The police arrived at the scene and secured it, gathering statements from neighbors. These testimonies suggest that the victims were a couple, which points to the tragic outcome of domestic violence,” stated Owoyesigire.

Further findings revealed a gruesome reality, as multiple fresh wounds, particularly around the victim’s neck, were discovered on Jessica Achen’s body. Kenneth Ogwal, believed to be the perpetrator, also had a cut around his neck, suggesting a possible act of self-harm.

“It is alleged that Ogwal stabbed Jessica Achen, who was found lying in a pool of blood, before turning the knife on himself,” Owoyesigire added.

The police discovered a knife at the scene, which is suspected to be the murder weapon. The bodies of the victims were transferred to the Kampala City Council (KCCA) mortuary in Mulago for further examination through a post-mortem procedure.

Law enforcement officials strongly condemn such acts of violence within the domestic setting. They continue to emphasize the importance of respect, care, and communication between partners within their homes, urging everyone to avoid resorting to violence or taking the law into their own hands. For those experiencing abusive relationships, the police encourage seeking assistance from the Child and Family Protection Unit.

The investigation remains ongoing, with authorities striving to uncover all relevant details surrounding this tragic event. Updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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