Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Set to Celebrate 25th Anniversary


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The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, founded in 1998 by Dr. Jane Goodall and a small group of leaders after saving thirteen chimps, will mark its 25th anniversary on August 23 as one of Africa’s foremost primate sanctuaries.

The island, which is surrounded by the peaceful waters of Lake Victoria, offers 95 acres of natural forest where the chimpanzees roam daily. The sanctuary provides a safe home for rescued chimpanzees while also caring for the environment and other wildlife on the island. It also provides a high-quality educational experience for visitors and benefits the local communities around it.

Today, Ngamba Island provides arguably the best opportunity anywhere in Africa to observe chimpanzee behaviour and interaction at close quarters and is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

One of the founders, the renowned Chimpanzee conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, arrived in Uganda on August 21st and will be the Key Note speaker at the anniversary celebrations.

According to Dr. Goodall, “The survival of chimpanzees is in our hands, and on the eve of Ngamba Island’s anniversary, every nature-loving individual should join and donate to the chimpanzee conservation campaign and join the Government of Uganda and its partners in promoting wildlife conservation and nature-based solutions for co-existence.”

Dr. Goodall will connect with stakeholders and deliver a public lecture at the Sheraton Hotel on August 22 on harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife, focusing on the effects of deforestation in chimpanzee habitats due to commercial development.

Ngamba Island’s chimp population has risen from 13 to 52 individuals since its establishment. It also features around 150 species of birds, mammals such as spot-necked otters, fruits bats, marsh mongooses, genet cats, and reptiles such as Nile monitor lizards, as well as numerous insects and flora.

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