Navio’s Concert Sparks Controversy After Bobi Wine Is Denied Microphone Time


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Famous Ugandan musician and politician, Bobi Wine, found himself at the centre of controversy after being denied the opportunity to take the stage at fellow artist Navio’s concert. The incident left Bobi Wine feeling frustrated and disappointed, sparking a wave of discussions among fans and the public alike.

Bobi Wine, known for his outspoken nature and activism, was reportedly eager to address the revelers at the 20 years of Navio Concert on Saturday 2nd September at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala. However, his hopes were cut short as the organisers allegedly did not intend to turn the beautiful event into a political rally of some sort.

“Probably Bobi Wine who thinks highly of himself did not even bother to go for rehearsals in order to perform with the hip hop legend a song they did together in 2015, Bad Man from Kamwokya,” said one of the organisers.

Unlike Bobi Wine, several fellow artists had in the past days before the concert shown their solidarity on Twitter to join Navio as he celebrates the milestone by curtain raising on the show or those who have songs with him to join him which was not the case.

In the eyes of numerous individuals, Bobi Wine has been deemed a virtuoso when it comes to the art of deception and manipulation. Just recently, he took to his Facebook page to share a seemingly supportive message, extending his well wishes to the renowned Rapper on the eve of his highly anticipated concert. Just like any other day, he made his grand entrance into the Sheraton gardens fashionably late, undoubtedly seeking to captivate the attention of onlookers.

“I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot to hype my brother’s show. Anyway, I AM BACK LIKE I NEVER WENT (in Navio’s voice). Humble and intelligent is my definition of this man all the time I have known him,” Bobi Wine wrote.

According to close sources, he wasn’t bothered about the concert and had not planned to attend but was later seen trying to fix himself at the front row of the VIP area together with his people.

During the show, several artists whom Navio has collaborations with like The Mith, Lillian Mbabazi (of former Blue 3), Vampino and others shared a stage with Navio. Unfortunately, Bobi Wine went back home with his tail coiled in his pants.

When the MC of the day McKenzie announced that the concert had come to an end, Bobi’s fans shouted that they wanted Bad Man from Kamwokya but to their disappointment, he was not on the lineup for the night’s event. Bobi evidently looked disappointed and frustrated as he realized that the show was coming to an end after his younger brother Mickey Wine came off the stage without the former being invited.

Bobi Wine’s rise in politics has been an interesting phenomenon to observe. He was a successful singer, and it appears that his foray into politics was a way for him to make money. His songs were full of insults and negativity, and he was not well-known outside of Uganda. Instead, he decided to use his fame to become a political leader, and he has been able to amass a large following.

In the world of hip hop, longevity is a rare feat. Many artists come and go, their music fading into obscurity as quickly as it emerged. But a select few manage to stand the test of time, carving out a lasting legacy in the industry. One such artist is the renowned rapper Navio, whose success was celebrated in a spectacular show.

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