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Former MP for Kawempe South has called NUP and its leadership disrespectful and insensitive following the way they have behaved since the rub-off between Zaake and Rt. Hon. Anita Among and the death of Jacob Oulanyah.

Appearing on NBS TV Talk show Munyagwa said that the top leadership of the National Unity Platform-NUP under Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a disgrace due to the way they handle issues to the extent of disrespecting the newly elected Deputy Speaker.

Recently while attending a burial of the father of Hon. John Nambeshe in Burenga Village Bududa, Bobi Wine took the podium and in an ugly manner accused the Deputy speaker for supporting torture and announced his disrespect for him.

In Munyagwa’s statements, Bobi Wine is playing cheap politics of finger pointing and seeking cheap popularity instead of focusing on things that can help the country come out of bad politics.

“You can’t be a Party President who doesn’t respect the Deputy Speaker, yet you sent him a Leader of the Opposition. That’s a contradiction,” former MP Munyagwa said.

Recently, MP Francis Zaake of Mityana Municipality also a senior NUP leader went on record when he vehemently attacked the personality of Rt. Hon Among Anita, the Speaker of Parliament.

Zaake was later censored by the legislators from being the Parliamentary Commissioner over disorderliness.

The NUP leadership under Bobi Wine has lately been under fire from various opposition leaders over what has been described as dishonesty and political immaturity.

DP party President, Norbert Mao is also another senior opposition leader whose thirst to expose NUP leadership and their dirty political transactions have since remained toll.

NUP leadership also came under fierce public criticism when a section of her Diaspora supporters staged a demonstration attacking the government’s decision to airlift late Oulanyah for treatment in the States.



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