ISO Deputy Director Calls for Patriotism, Selflessness in the 6th Upcoming Population Census


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With the 6th National Population Census approaching Col. Emmy Katabazi, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), has delivered a powerful message to over 700 district officials who recently completed their training emphasizing the importance of patriotism and self-sacrifice in ensuring accurate data collection for the upcoming census.

Speaking at the closure of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics’ (UBOS) training program held at Speke Resort Munyonyo on April 13, 2024, Col. Katabazi urged the district officials to wholeheartedly commit themselves to this exercise. He stressed that their effective and accurate data collection would play a crucial role in the country’s planning and development.

Col. Katabazi underlined that the significance of the census data extended beyond mere planning, as it would also aid in informing security measures required to safeguard the country. Encouraging the district leaders to approach this task with a sense of patriotism and selflessness, he reminded them that their efforts would benefit both Uganda as a whole and each individual within the nation.

Highlighting the selflessness already exhibited by ISO staff, Col. Katabazi revealed how the newly acquired vehicles and motorcycles were willingly offered by the team for use during the census. He urged the recruits to emulate this selfless attitude and carry out their duties diligently, emphasizing that their commitment would be instrumental in the success of the census.

”The government gave ISO staff new vehicles and motorcycles, but when the Director General of ISO requested the team to offer their newly acquired cars and motorcycles to be used in the census, they willingly complied; therefore use the same selflessness and carry out this exercise diligently,’’ said Col Katabazi.

Acknowledging the potential challenges faced by the district officials, Col. Katabazi advised them to seek assistance from the District Internal Security Officers (DISOs), Regional Internal Security Officers (RISOs), and GISOs stationed throughout the country. These individuals, he emphasized, were there to guide and support the recruits in order to facilitate a smooth and accurate census process.

Ensuring the seriousness with which ISO regards this exercise, Col. Katabazi announced the establishment of a dedicated team at the ISO headquarters, available round-the-clock to collaborate with the UBOS headquarters. This collaborative effort aims to guarantee a seamless census operation, free from any discrepancies or hitches.

The upcoming National Population and Housing Census 2024 will commence on the reference night of 9th May 2024, and extend for ten days until the 19th May 2024. Uganda is poised to gain valuable insights into its demographic landscape, enabling evidence-based decision-making for its future growth and development. It is the collective responsibility of all citizens to engage in this exercise with patriotic fervor and selflessness, thereby contributing to the nation’s success.

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