Gov’t to Introduce Annual Animal Vaccination, Agriculture Insurance


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The Government Chief Whip, Denis Hamson Obua on Thursday October 26, 2023 announced that the Government is introducing an annual animal vaccination, agriculture insurance, and irrigation scheme among others, to spur development in the country.

Obua, who represented the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanja at the launch of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Budget (PACOB) for financial year 2023/2024, said there will be a cost-sharing formula between the Government and farmers.

“The Government shall develop a cost-sharing formula with the farmers regarding the annual vaccination calendar for the farmers to vaccinate their animals against diseases and parasites,” said Obua.

Meanwhile, there will be penalties for the farmers who shall not comply with the program.

The implementation of the auspicious PACOB program, according to Obua, is premised on President Museveni’s 2022 policy guidelines to accelerate agricultural sector development.

“In 2022, H.E. the President wrote to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister guiding key policy guidelines we need to pursue for the accelerated development of the agricultural sector,” said Obua.

The policy guidelines include production, multiplication, distribution and certification of seeds and stocking materials, disease control, agriculture mechanization and irrigation, farmer education and mobilization, partnership with big landowners and interventions in the fisheries sub-sector.

“The Government will support scientists doing research in NARO and NAGRIC in the development of seeds and stocking materials, crop research centres to develop, multiply and provide seeds to farmers, and promote artificial insemination services at the sub-county level,” said Obua.

Other interventions include: NAGRIC to start breeding poultry for sale to the farmers, and equip the 13 mechanization zones with machines to enable farmers to acquire the equipment at a reasonable cost.

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) is going to be directed to introduce an agriculture insurance scheme that will be implemented by the private insurance companies.

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