CID Boss Magambo Lectures KCCA Councilors on Uganda’s Historical Mission, Calls for National Unity and Responsibility


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In an effort to enlighten opposition councilors about Uganda’s historical mission and their role in guiding the country forward, Tom Magambo, the Director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), delivered a thought-provoking lecture. The event, held on February 20, 2024, emphasized the importance of understanding Uganda’s past in order to shape its future.

Addressing the councilors at a leadership and patriotic course, Magambo highlighted the significant changes that have occurred since the 1980s. One notable transformation is the improvement in infrastructure, particularly roads.

“Previously, a journey from Garuga to Kisoro that used to take five days can now be completed in just 12 hours. Similarly, the travel time from Garuga to Masaka has been reduced from three days to a mere three hours. This progress extends to various sectors including education, healthcare, communication, and security,” said Magambo.

However, Magambo suggested that the focus should now shift from the availability of these services to addressing pressing issues such as poverty, corruption, and unemployment. He emphasized that combating these challenges requires a collective effort, as they affect all Ugandans regardless of their political affiliations.

“It is essential for leaders to avoid playing the tribal card. Leaders cannot effectively guide their people if they promote tribalism. Corruption is one of the problems hindering our development, and it is disheartening to note that some of the individuals you recommend for jobs are corrupt. We must take responsibility for our actions and put a stop to these practices,” expressed Magambo.

In his conclusion remarks, Magambo outlined four leadership principles for the councilors. He stressed the importance of social capital, urging them to demonstrate compassion and empathy.

Additionally, he encouraged the councilors to lead by example within their own families, ensuring the well-being of their spouses, children, and parents. Magambo also highlighted the significance of engaging in economic activities at the family level and emphasized the necessity of working together to propel the country forward.

Maj Gen Samuel Kavuma, the Deputy Coordinator of Wealth Creation (OWC), joined the discussion by providing insights into the history of the UPDF. He recounted the roots of the UPDF, which emerged 43 years ago with a mere 40 soldiers and 27 guns. Despite facing numerous obstacles, the UPDF successfully overcame 22 insurgencies during its tenure.

Maj Gen Kavuma attributed this achievement to the core ethos of the UPDF, which includes discipline, patriotism, sacrifice, Pan-Africanism, and their prowess as skilled fighters. He asserted that councilors could benefit from adapting to this ethos in order to become effective leaders.

Magambo and General Kavuma’s lectures serve as a reminder to all leaders in the country that unity and responsibility are fundamental in driving Uganda towards sustainable development and progress. By embracing Uganda’s historical mission, councilors can work together to overcome challenges and ensure a brighter future for all Ugandans.

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