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Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga while addressing the Buganda Lukiiko in Bulange Mengo on 15th March 2021 demanded that the President addresses issues distressing Buganda region citing alleged broad-day murders, kidnaps by State security agencies, land grabbing, unemployment, poor health services, corruption and others. He added that the continued failure by the government to fulfill its pledges is one of the reasons that the Kingdom subjects shun the ruling government.

On several Buganda functions, Mayiga has been seen rallying support to the NUP opposition and urging voters to elect leaders with the Buganda kingdom’s interests at heart. His point was having a Muganda as president accompanied by other Baganda leaders as MPs, Councilors among others.

Without giving the cause of the troubles in Central region, the Premier’s speech seemed to be biased and unfounded, he did not enlighten the public on why some youths were arrested, who was causing land grabbing in Buganda and who killed people during the arrest of Hon Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka District but instead entirely blaming government.

Mayiga also stated that it was wrong to charge people with possession of firearms when the evidence is just four rounds of ammunition. As a seasoned lawyer, Mayiga ought to know that four bullets are just enough to cause serious trouble in the country.

Mayiga is short of a saint himself. It is on record that ever since Mayiga was appointed as the Buganda Katikiro in 2013, he came up with a money milking project among them ‘Ettofali’ where he deceitfully collected a lot of money from Buganda to complete Masengere building purchase, Buganda broadcasting services (BBS) and the construction of the Kasubi Tombs. Mayiga has since failed to account for the money Buganda Kingdom received from well-wishers and government.

Similarly, Mayiga formulated a Buganda Land Board (BLB) to issue land tittles to legitimize tenancy dubbed ‘Kyapa Mungalo’ which requires that everyone living on the kingdom land has to register their plots at a fee ranging between Shs100,000 and Shs600,000 depending on the location.

Several frustrated Buganda Kingdom loyalists have been wondering why Kabaka would allow Katikiro Peter Mayiga siphon money from his poor subjects through such unpopular land policy which only benefit Mayiga and his team of Mafias at Bulange interested in earning exorbitant monies from the struggling subjects.

In 2016, Mayiga under the disguise of Buganda land board gave land which used to house Nabagereka Primary School to city business man John Bosco Muwonge which left more 1000 pupils stranded after its demolition. He is also faulted for giving away 7 square miles located in Magyo, Kyaggwe and Kibuga land Block 16 plot 85 measuring 6 acres in Nalukolongo at UGX4 billion to BIDCO oil company which displaced more than 10000 subjects.

He used to fleece money from poor Ugandans through organizing events like the annual Kabaka birthday run that is jointly organized by Airtel Uganda and  ‘Enkuuka yomwaka’ at Lubiri palace which he would never account for.

Before Mayiga was appointed as the Katikkiro of Buganda, he used to appear on a Friday program ‘Ekijjomanyi’ on CBS radio. On this program, he used to spread sectarian speech which created tension between Mengo and Central Government that led to the ultimate closure of CBS radio during the Kayunga Buganda riot.

Mayiga has been using his brother Michael Mukasa Ssebbowa and Geoffrey Kulubya at Bukedde Newspaper to write stories that undermine Government and promote Hon Robert Kyagulanyi.

It is on record that opposition political parties that seem to be dividing Ugandans along ethnic and religious terms have faced the wrath of the electorate by losing miserably, in effect, promoting peaceful coexistence, pan Africanism and democratic politics.

By his caliber, Katikiro Mayiga should tread careful or else risk plunging the country into anarchy because of his irresponsible actions and statements.

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