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Bobi wine fails to deliver nomination speech instead Raps it

After being nominated as presidential candidate, Bobi Wine took on the podium to speak to the press and the nation but one paragraph into his written speech, he lost it and started to rap the speech as though he was behind the Mic in studio.

At this rate some people will think that I am being critical of their candidate but I am writing this to inform the public that there is a certain composer that comes with being a leader especially a presidential aspirant. Bobi wine lost it.

There was no practical solution in his speech for the nation, all that was being uttered was a sentimental and broken spirit trying to attract more souls to the dark world.

When he retorts words like “I will increase the pay of soldiers; I will give them chance to resign whenever they wish.” He sounds hilarious and depicts how he has no idea of how armies are built. And his consolation is that America does that.

His tone depicted a dictator of first class. In my opinion if he ever becomes president, we are finished. Racism will be the order of the day. Insecurity will reign since he plans to let armed men into community.

He was so detailed with no details of how he will execute his plans leaving the public with a thinking that he holds a better dream but the truth is clear. Bobi wine is not fit for the highest Office of Uganda.

Whereas President Museveni promised in his speech to employ youth by giving growth to industrialisation, Bobi wine gave non.

Whereas Museveni promised to protect peace and tranquillity for the nation, Bobi wine threatened violence on Justice Byabakama and H.E the president of Uganda.

Bobi wine did not have any infrastructure plans but he had frustration plans. The question remains to be objective and analyse his capabilities apart from enticing people with sensational speeches written for him to rap does he understand the tasks that come with being President of a nation.

Bobi wine is already preaching violence and tribe against tribe instead of reconciliation. This was vivid in his speech when he marginalised the people from the North (Langi) in a way of rallying them against the rest of the country.

His failure to abide by the laws is very tempting and provoking and no wonder he was arrested as he tried to use a different route.




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