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As Bobi Wine prepares for his nomination today, it’s difficult to look at his bid for Presidency beyond the number of “close” allies that he has lost to the NRM over the past few months. The Exodus has been quite telling. It is not long since he paraded Ronald Mayinja at a press conference So that he denounces PRESIDENT MUSEVENI.

The Musician cum politician symbolises the nature of the challenge Bobi Wine is set to face now that he has decided to play at the table of men. It also speaks volumes of his political immaturity. If he cannot convince people of the same background that he stands for them, how shall he convince the millions that don’t believe a former musician and drug abuser can lead this country? This goes beyond personal.

He should have had a leading hand with people in his music industry and by extension their fans. But what he instead pulls along are the radical extremists who are completely intolerant of opposing views. That’s why his house continues to bleed former allies.

NUP has become a cult with a leader so inept and inexperienced but whose handlers are unwilling to entertain dissent or alternative opinion. What has happened to the good will that Bobi Wine possessed during the mid term by-elections across Uganda.

Arua and Bugiri seem like a distant memory, a mirage of time when quite a number believed that Bobi could deliver the change that they year for.

Instead, as we shall see today, they will get more running battles with police, short lived riots and another dream lost in the wind.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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