Bobi Wine, a Reactionary, Predictable Politician That Will Not Last Long on Uganda’s Political Scene


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Ugandans have recently criticized National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi for how he handled his vice president in charge of the central region, Mathias Mpuuga, who represents the Nyendo-Mukungwe division in Masaka city.

When the social media parliament exhibition came up and Mpuuga was cited in what was called a service award deal alongside the NRM commissioners, Bobi Wine immediately issued a letter forcing Mpuuga to resign, something that made Ugandans continue to doubt Bobi Wine’s leadership skills. Bobi Wine’s predictability is so extreme to the extent that every Ugandan with an interest in the politics of Uganda already knew that Mpuuga was to be removed from the leader of the opposition position, something that happened as predicted.

While NUP’s Bigirwa was having issues in Busoga, a committee was set up by the party to investigate the matter and come up with a report, but Mpuuga was fired on social media, something that did not go well with Mpuuga supporters and many Members of Parliament from all political parties who looked at it as a witch hunt and continued suppression of Mpuuga.

When Bobi Wine wrote a letter appointing Lina Zedriga as the acting party president, Ugandans already predicted that Bobi Wine delegated Zedriga to convene the NEC meeting and further the process to finish Mpuuga while Bobi Wine was abroad, and that would make Bobi Wine escape the blame. It exactly happened as predicted.

Whereas Bobi may be doing well to portray NUP as a democratic party, many Ugandans have questioned his reactionary approach without following the rule of law. Instead of requesting Mpuuga to step aside for investigations, he rushed to social media to break the news, sacking him. He went ahead to appoint Zedriga, who haphazardly convened a NEC meeting that resolved to fire Mpuuga and replace him with Zaake, knowing the party has no legal mandate to remove a commissioner of parliament.

Bobi Wine’s continued impulsive political actions and predictable character are disastrous for a young opposition party like the NUP. Consequently, Mathias Mpuuga has received more sympathy, mostly from greater Masaka and Mengo, and is being looked at as being witch-hunted even when Bobi and NUP would be fighting for a good cause. Bobi Wine’s predictable tribal politics and reckless utterances have seen him denied talk shows on media houses, including Buganda Kingdom’s media houses.

Bobi Wine and NUP losing credibility in Masaka and Buganda kingdoms is not good for the party. NUP, whose stronghold is the central region, would definitely disappear from the political scene if not blessed by Masaka and Mengo. Reliable sources show a serious rift between Bobi Wine and Mengo after it was discovered that Bobi Wine has been bankrolling social media content creators both locally and internationally to insult, belittle, and abuse Buganda kingdom, Kabaka, and the kingdom prime minister, Charles Peter Mayiga. The same content creators have been thanked publicly by Bobi Wine, saying they are contributing a lot to his struggle.

Mathias Mpuuga, while appearing on one of the kingdom media houses, confirmed that he has evidence of NUP top leadership funding such social media content creators to do the dirty work, and Bobi Wine, while appearing on Simba FM, defended those social media people, calling them tired and annoyed Ugandans who are left with no option but to abuse.

Ugandans have predicted the former Muscian’s political moves as well as the fact that he will not last long on Uganda’s political scene because of his incompetence and utter lack of political, economic, and military intelligence.

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