Besigye’s Confession to Tax Evasion a sign of “Deal “politics for Decades


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Dr. Kizza Besigye founder of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and the pressure group People Front for Transition (PFT), confessed to aiding tax evasion and money laundering at his former petrol station at Nsambya.

While addressing a press conference on August 7, 2023, Besigye admitted to keeping money that his party members did not want found or traced by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

Besigye,  in his own admission, shares well elaborated details of how money that was kept away from URA, got into his hands and how it would later be exchanged into dollars and kept at Total Nsambya, to kill the trail.

According to Besigye , Nandala asked for  his help to keep for him 500 million shillings because he had a tax dispute with URA, and feared that his money would be seized from his accounts.

“He asked me if I could temporarily keep 500 million shillings in cash for him, I told him my home was insecure, but could find another safe place to keep it, he then sent his driver, who arrived at 10 p.m. in the night, and delivered 300 million shillings, not 500 million like earlier indicated by Nnadala.” Besigye noted

Besigye further notes that he transferred the money to Nsambya fuel station, “the money was in brand new notes of 20,000 shillings, wrapped in bundles of 20 million each, towards elections Nandala asked for the money, and I sent them to the petrol station to pick the money a few days to elections,” Besigye revealed.

Some of the money was changed into dollars to avoid loss of valve due to inflation, something that is practised around every election, but also the money received during that time does not leave a trail and cannot be traced and taxed by URA, however, the dollar at the time lost value, in the end what was delivered back was less by 670, 000 shillings, a thing I learnt later,” Besigye added.

However, with this kind of confession from a would be leader, what more can one deduce from Besigye’s leadership, if not one of a self- centered being, who only got into politics for personal ventures and not to lead, but secretly use the political platform to make money and not support the common man, like he would like society to believe.

The whole FDC is wasting away due to greed, the manner in which they explain, the so called “dirty money,” without any evidence but counter accusations, just exposes their greed.

During the presser Besigye breaks down and sheds tears, intending to woo the public into believing he was in so much pain, over what is happening to the party he founded, leaving his supporters believing he is the only  true leader of FDC.

Well, one could be tempted to believe him, but with his own admissions and confessions of aiding tax evasion and money laundering, the only thing that is clear in one’s mind, “a confession was given,” so

The anti-corruption unit and URA should swing into action.


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