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In simple terms, astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of structures that exist in the observable universe interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. These structures include Solar System, Stars, Galaxies and Black holes

Celebrating life is a custom far forgotten with the addiction to gathered intelligence. We live in a world where money is the ruling authority; this intern spends all time in its quest leaving behind the power of life itself.
Life is a gift from the Sun and within the knowledge of who this big bulb is; hidden the secrets of life and celebrating life becomes inevitable.
Individuals will be empowered just at the knowledge of both its rotation and revolution because within this knowledge lies circles that recur but to a different tone or octave.

Astrology will tell us when to plant crops and these are our lifelines; these seasons will affect our income and expenditure in all ways.
To a young man in an urban setting it’s hard to relate the energy with which he uses to earn a living to the seasons caused by revolution of the Sun.
Civilization has taught us how to convert the different energies within us into skills to accomplish duties to which we are rewarded with money…the connection is then the process of refueling the body; of which all people depend of fauna and flora…these depend on the motions of the earth around the Sun causing day and night, seasonal changes too.

In our Lord’s prayer, we quote “Let thy will be done on earth as it’s done in heaven…” we get lost in the letters and never pay attention to the sounds; it is very easy for your vision to be altered but sound will always stay solid. Within the sound of each word written as a prayer are codes to unlock our view of who life is. “…THY WILL…” sounds exactly as “…THY WHEEL…”and it is this that literature hide behind letter characters.
The wheel of the Sun is responsible for every event below it. It is this WHEEL meant when the prayer is made and to examine the word prayer will be the right connection to heaven power.

To “Pray” sounds the same as “To Prey” and suddenly you can see meaning in what has been hidden for ages; at this point we realize Heaven and the King above is the reality of a farmer’s life. Astrology will help enlighten us more in this area that puts Uganda at the forefront of fighting poverty.

Food security is the strength of every nation and within the Holly scriptures I will lead you one day at a time to placing this great manual called the Bible to our glory.

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