URSB Anti-Piracy Operation Strikes Major Bookstores in Mbarara City


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The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) Enforcement Unit supported by local police, cracked down on piracy in Mbarara City over the weekend. The enforcement team, conducted searches to stop pirated book and material distribution.

To get approvals and manpower, the URSB Enforcement Unit worked closely with the Regional Police Commander (RPC) and District Police Commander (DPC). After that, the team quickly sent personnel to five city areas.

The operation began with printeries accused of making counterfeit material. One printery was engaged in illegal operations, resulting to the arrest of its owner, a woman. Adit bookstore was among the targeted bookshops by the URSB Enforcement Unit as it swept the city.

While searching the Adit bookstore, many infringing books from Baroque, Longhorn, Vivid, and Shasa were found. Longhorn and New Vision’s holograms helped the police team identify their items as genuine. However, officials seized large amounts of pirated publications and An Adit bookstore subsidiary store employee was also detained.

The URSB Enforcement Unit continues to fight piracy. URSB Enforcement Unit plans to call concerned writers and publishers for comments. After that, the DPP will examine and sanction a criminal file. Court hearings will involve authors and publishers testifying as state witnesses as prosecutors seek punishments.

A concurrent civil case in the commercial court will guarantee Adit compensates the infringement-affected writers and publishers. This complete strategy shows a commitment to intellectual property rights and copyright accountability.

As the legal processes unfolds, a determined stance against piracy has been emphasized with the declaration “this should be season hakuna mchezo” (no games this season). The operation will finish with a conclusive elimination of all copyright-infringing items to convey a strong message. URSB Enforcement Unit warned pirated book scanners and sharers to stop immediately to avoid serious penalties.

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