Todwong Calls for Parental Involvement, Girl Empowerment to Transform Education


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During the launch of the Education and Exhibition Week at Kauda Grounds in Gulu City, Richard Todwong, the National Resistence Movement (NRM) Secretary General, thanked the Catholic Church for initiating dialogue between the government and the different stakeholders to talk about education. The event, themed “Reawakening and repositioning the church and other stakeholders to transform education in Acholi Subregion,” aimed at discussing initiatives to improve education in the region.

The exhibition and fundraising started on Monday, November 13th, and will end on November 18th, 2023.

Drawing from his personal experience as a student and now a government leader, Todwong, having studied during times of insurgency, said that despite facing challenges that forced him to drop out, he succeeded in overcoming adversity. He urged today’s students to appreciate the peaceful conditions and find motivation to stay in school, emphasising that they have no excuses with the current environment.

He called for increased parental involvement in their children’s education. Recognising the significant contributions parents make to addressing educational challenges, he stressed the importance of parents visiting schools and actively participating in their children’s academic journey.

Todwong’s attention to the challenges faced by the girl child in the region was particularly touching. Expressing concern about classrooms where only one girl may be present, he highlighted the urgency of addressing gender disparities in education.

“Empowering girls and ensuring equal opportunities in education are key to positive change and transformation in our societies and our country,” he said.

Todwong expressed regret and urged for structural adjustments to provide effective support and sustainability in the education system when speaking about the critical issue of school governance.

During his speech, Todwong, acknowledged the critical role of the Internal Security Organization (ISO) in the country.

“ISO’s intricate connection to both national security and educational well-being is key because we need a stable and secure environment for effective learning to take place,” he said.

Confirming the President’s dedication to education, Todwong assured the audience that the NRM government is committed to enhancing education systems, with a specific focus on vocational training. He put more emphasis on the fact that parents need to encourage their children to embrace science and technology as catalysts for transformation and development.

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