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This morning while sipping my affordable cup of coffee (Uganda) as I watched news on the Television, thank God I can still afford the subscription fees. I was amazed at the headline on United Kingdom channels that, Thousands in London Protest Cost of Living.”

I am not rejoicing over the cost of living but I have seen on several occasions Ugandan opposition leaders and Ugandans in Diaspora run to the UK and USA for intervention in Ugandan Issues.

My assumption as a lay man was that these super powers don’t experience such.

With thousands on the streets of London from different unions and members of the public, holding placards as they take part in a Trade Union Congress national demonstration.

They are demanding action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people and a pay rise for all workers in the United Kingdom.

This should be an eye opener to all and should remind us that challenges in every nation are normal especially in developing countries.

While talking to a friend based in Scotland, a liter of fuel in the United Kingdom is at about Ugx 10,000, way higher than the current sot of fuel in Uganda.

In the neighboring Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, a liter of petrol goes at 6,000 Ugx while in Uganda, the cost has steadily remained gradually increasing and still not more than the cost in other countries.

In the US, a liter of fuel goes for about Ugx 7,500 way above before.

Therefore, our opposition group both local and in Diasporas must stop building political capital by inciting our population.

NUP leader Bobi Wine

It’s a fact that, the rising cost of fuel and commodities is a global crisis and not just in Uganda for as long as we have war across the globe like in Ukraine.

“Opposition’s desire to push for change without solutions will not help Ugandans. Our hope with Ugandans is within ourselves.

The Whiteman’s desire is to keep us as slaves. Just offer us minimal support and we keep dependent,” Said Johnson Otim, a prominent economist in Uganda.

Whereas the rising cost of fuel has largely affected cost of commodities across the country, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is optimistic and convinced that it will create and cause huge markets for Ugandans.

I support the submission by President Museveni urging Ugandans to embark on agricultural activities to benefit from the rising cost of commodities across the World.


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