Singer Fik Fameica’s X Account Confiscated by Handler Over Alleged Failure to Support LGBTQ+ Rights


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Musician Shafik Walukagga popularly known as Fik Fameica, has had his social media account confiscated by his handler residing in San Francisco. The handler took this drastic action due to Fameica’s alleged failure to comply with and promote their previously agreed-upon LGBTQ+ advocacy agreement.

In an early morning announcement on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the handler explained their difficult decision to confiscate Fameica’s account, which they had built for him. The confiscation was a result of the artist’s refusal to promote their human rights campaign, a cause they have been passionately fighting for in Uganda by leveraging influential figures, such as musicians who have a substantial following among impressionable youth.

“As the administrator behind the artist’s Twitter account, I made the challenging decision to confiscate the account that I created for him. Despite my endeavors to amplify crucial messages regarding human rights and justice through his platform, the artist has chosen to align himself with the government and participate in influencer programs that contradict our previously shared values,” the handler stated on the artist’s X account.

In an open letter addressed to the citizens of Uganda, the handler admitted to having managed Fameica’s social media account, which was initially put in place to promote a bill enacted by Uganda in May 2023.

“I have been on the run as the administrator, utilizing his platform to advocate for what is just and right. It is disheartening to witness the artist turning his back on the people who supported him and instead aligning himself with the government,” the handler added.

A close friend of Fameica, who preferred to remain anonymous, disclosed that the artist refused to compromise his values by engaging in acts he did not believe in. The friend emphasized Fameica’s strong belief in African culture, which he was raised with, and his determination not to endorse behaviors he himself does not partake in.

“Fik cannot be coerced into doing something that contradicts his beliefs. He is a true African boy and, therefore, cannot support these vices being introduced to young Ugandans. He is a straight boy and cannot be enticed into promoting something he abstains from,” the source said.

The handler concluded their announcement by leaving the destiny of Fameica’s Twitter account to the public. They posed several options: whether to return the account to Fameica, knowing it may be used to further agendas that contradict their principles or maintain it as a platform for raising voices and advocating for justice. Alternatively, they proposed deleting the account entirely, now that the truth behind the posts has been revealed.

During a phone call with our reporter, Hilda Nalwoga, a childhood neighbor and friend of Fameica, expressed her shock at the assumption made by people abroad that music is solely created and propelled through social media. Nalwoga emphasized that Fameica’s success stems from his talent as a self-made musician.

“He simply needs to enter the studio, and the world will keep recognizing his name. Does he sing on Twitter? That guy from San Francisco has nothing significant to contribute to his fame. They should mind their own business and leave our musicians out of struggles that haven’t contributed to their success,” Nalwoga passionately stated.

This incident comes just days after Fameica, along with other popular Ugandan artists like Gravity Omutujju, Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Alien Skin, Weasle, Melody, and Winnie Nwagi showed support for the recent assembly organized by the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) in Masaka.

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