Rwandan Suspected Serial Killer Confesses to Killing 14 People


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In Kicukiro, a Kigali neighborhood, more than ten remains were discovered in the kitchen of the 34-year-old Rwandan serial killer. The accused person is charged with more than ten counts of killing people and hiding their bodies in his house. Law enforcement and the local media have announced the arrest.

According to police, the perpetrator of many homicides is believed to have lured his victims away from bars to a residence he had rented in Kicukiro, a suburban area of Kigali. The crime came to light after the individual’s eviction from his rented residence.

They were called after the suspect had defaulted on rent payments for months.

There have been over ten bodies discovered, according to local media, and the number of confirmed victims so far has been 14, according to an unidentified source in the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

The spokesperson for the RIB, Thierry Murangira, told the news agency that “forensic investigations will determine the final number of deaths.

The New Times, a private publication in Rwanda, was informed by an unidentified police official that the guy had resisted the police’s attempts to evict him from the house.

“He apologised and wept uncontrollably, which made us suspicious. He admitted to killing certain people at the police station, which is why the Rwanda Investigation Bureau launched an investigation,” the police official stated.

Later investigations resulted in his immediate arrest and a thorough search of his home. This search ultimately unveiled the presence of deceased people who had been disposed of in a pit that he had excavated within his kitchen.

“His methods of operation involved enticing his victims, who were primarily prostitutes, to his residence, where he would steal their phones and personal items, execute them by strangulation, and bury them in a hole excavated in the kitchen of his rental home,” Mr. Murangira stated.

A suspect confessed to killing victims, learning to kill from watching famous serial killers. He studied victims before stalking them and targeted those without close family or friends. Preliminary investigations found male and female victims. The suspect lured victims, mostly prostitutes, to his home, robbed their belongings, and strangled them to death before burying them in a hole in his kitchen.

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