President Museveni Urges Youth Leaders to Avoid Sectarianism and Politics of Identity


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During a meeting with the National Youth Council leaders on August 17, 2023 at State House Entebbe, President Museveni cautioned the youth against being taken up by leadership, sectarianism and politics of identity, as leadership is not a permanent job.

He emphasized the importance of wealth creation among youth, citing the National Resistance Army’s (NRA) strong base of wealth creation as a factor in their success in the prolonged war.

“I also caution the youth leaders against being taken up by leadership, sectarianism and politics of identity. Leadership is not a permanent job and they should not fall into the trap of being “professional” leaders who think that without leadership, they will die,” the president said.

President Museveni urged the youth to create wealth and not to fall into the trap of being “professional” leaders who think they will die without leadership.

“My emphasis is that all the youth should get involved in wealth creation because, many of the problems I have seen in the last 70 years are normally among children who didn’t have wealth creation as part of their culture,” the President said.

This warning comes as the country continues to face challenges in terms of youth unemployment and economic instability.

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