President Museveni Urges Leaders To Spearhead The Fight Against Poverty


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In order to transition to a cash economy, President Yoweri Museveni has recommended politicians to be at the vanguard of encouraging their electorate to deeply engage in commercial and strategic farming.

The President made the call while giving a speech on wealth creation to the NRM legislative caucus, who are attending a 10-day retreat at the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

“This is a very important topic for you and me, because this is what I have been involved in for the last 60 years. Uganda is rich in terms of natural resources, land, forests, grasslands, water, and everything else,” the president said.
The President entrenched MPs as leaders to spearhead the movement of social-economic transformation in society but not to entrust the task only to extension workers in the Ministry of Agriculture.

President Museveni instructed MPs to always internalize the structure of society, urging them to focus on the supervision, mobilization, and guidance of the populace in government-instituted initiatives like the PDM, which is controlled by the populace itself.

“We did several experiments, including Operation Wealth Creation, NAADs, and so on, but finally now we have come to PDM, which is stakeholder-run. Now your job is to mobilize those stakeholders, supervise them, and guide them, together with all of us,” he added.

The President further requested that the MPs concentrate on spreading the word about entering the money economy and undergoing social economic transformation.

He reminded them of the original NRA spirit message, which stated that in order to make a lasting and sustainable contribution to the social economic transformation of society, one must first comprehend the revolution’s ideology and working principles

“This will help you solve so many problems,” he said.

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