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Saturday, November 26, 2022

President Museveni to ADF: Wherever they go, we shall reach them with deadly fire

“On Friday, November 4th 2022, with the permission of the DRC government, the Uganda Air Force attacked and destroyed a big terrorist camp of the ADF in Eastern Congo,” said President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. 

In a tweet sent on his official Twitter account, the President said, “We have destroyed all the camps the reconnaissance has identified, killed a lot of terrorists, captured others, and emancipated the much terrorized wanainchi of the area.”

The President also posted a video showing the exact coordinates of the area bombed during the UPDF airstrikes and later secured by the forces.

Regarding the capacity of the ADF terrorist group, President Museveni said that the enemy (ADF), in desperation, and has now fled beyond the limit of exploitation—the boundary of our operations. 

According to him, the ignorant terrorists do not know that within just minutes-not hours, UPDF can reach them with deadly fire, many areas, far beyond the limit of exploitation. 

Commenting on the impact of the airstrikes, President Museveni said that on Friday, they (ADF) got their deserved reward and maintained that wherever they go, UPDF shall reach them as long as the Congolese government allows Uganda to operate with them. 

He congratulated the UPDF, the Government of the DRC, and the Army of Congo upon the successful airstrikes against the ADF. 

The UPDF has been operating in the DRC in pursuit of ADF terrorists in an operation code named SHUUJA that started last year.

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