President Biden Issues Stark Warning to Israel: Protect Civilians in Gaza or Face Severe Consequences


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The United States of America President Joe Biden has warned his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu that they could face dire consequences if Israel fails to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The warning came after the Israel air strike killed seven people in Central Gaza among them were six aid workers from Australia, Britain, Poland and a driver from Palestine.

The attack came as aid workers were delivering food from its latest shipment to Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been pushed to the brink of famine by Israel’s offensive

A senior administration official from the White House told the press that the president did not give specifics about how he would consider shifting US policy if Israel does not follow through, but gave a list of changes that need to be made.

β€œBiden warned Netanyahu that Israel could lose American support if civilians kept getting hurt and killed during and hour-long phone call on Thursday,” the source confirmed.

Follow up to the call, by Friday morning Netanyahu’s office announced it will reopen a key border crossing into northern Gaza.

The prime minister’s security cabinet also approved a series of immediate steps including the temporary reopening of the Erez crossing for the first time since the Hamas attack on October 7.

Israel also said it would allow its port in Ashdod to process aid shipments bound for Gaza, as well as permit an increase in Jordanian aid shipments through another land crossing.

β€œThis increased aid will prevent a humanitarian crisis and is necessary to ensure the continuation of the fighting and to achieve the goals of the war,” Netanyahu’s office said.

For the past years, the USA has been the greatest ally of Israel and many Americans have gone to the streets in different cities in America asking the United States to stop supporting Israel after the massive raids on Gaza which has left many dead and millions displaced.

According to Gaza’s media office, it’s been over 180 days since Israel launched its deadly assault on the besieged enclave and reports say that at least 32,975 Palestinians have been killed, including 14,500 children.

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