Police Issues Stern Warning to Boda Boda Riders Amid Rising Attacks During Late Hours


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The Uganda Police Force has issued a stern warning to boda boda riders as incidents of attacks on them escalate, especially during the late hours. SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, addressed the media at the Naguru headquarters, revealing that the number of such incidents has seen a worrying increase in recent weeks.

In his statement, Enanga disclosed that eight incidents were reported last week alone, resulting in the tragic deaths of four riders. One distressing case involved Munyegena James, a 22-year-old boda boda rider who was ambushed by unknown assailants.

The criminals attacked James with a hammer, leaving him unconscious. They subsequently made off with the motorcycle, belonging to Mugere Salim of Burindi Zone in Kamuli district. Tragically, James succumbed to his injuries at Lubaga Hospital in Kamuli, where he was rushed for medical attention.

Enanga further revealed another incident where Ssekasamba Kassin, 24, was transporting two passengers on his motorcycle. At a village called Kigoma, the passengers turned violent, causing grievous harm to Kassin using a hammer and sharp objects. However, Kassin bravely fought back, raising an alarm that attracted nearby residents. Thanks to their assistance, one suspect, named Ssebulime Yassin of Masitowa in Nassana, was apprehended. The second suspect, who had managed to flee the scene with the stolen motorcycle, was later caught but tragically met his demise during apprehension.

Gariraya, a sub-county within the region, also experienced an alarming incident involving a boda boda rider identified only as Brian. Brian was intercepted by armed thugs who assaulted him with a hammer and made off with his motorcycle. Such incidents have prompted the police to emphasize caution among boda boda riders when transporting passengers at night, particularly in isolated areas.

“We have determined that most of the incidents occur when the riders are transporting passengers at night and in isolated areas. The other danger is the continuous transportation of two or more passengers; it is an offense. But in many cases at night, you still see boda boda riders risking carrying two,” SCP Enanga stated.

To address these rising concerns, the police have called upon stage managers to sensitize boda boda riders at all stages to be more vigilant and cautious. Enanga emphasized the importance of riders checking their passengers carefully, avoiding long-distance journeys, and staying connected with other riders.

“We want to come out strongly to caution boda boda riders and even managers at all these stages to continue sensitizing these boda boda riders to be more vigilant. They should always be aware of their surroundings, have situational awareness of who is around them. For instance, if I’m riding somebody from here to Mokono, it is always important to network with different boda boda managers, riders, and colleagues at various stages to find out what is happening,” Enanga added.

Despite the recent surge in attacks, the police assured the public that boda boda theft and robbery cases have generally declined. This is due to the efforts made by law enforcement in apprehending the main perpetrators involved in the murders of boda boda riders and the subsequent theft of their motorcycles.

The police are now urging boda boda riders to remain cautious, avoid risky situations, and prioritize their personal safety during the night hours.

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