Opposition JEEMA Rejects Dr. Besigye’s Confrontational, Defiant Strategies


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When the FDC party failed to make it as the leading opposition party in Uganda following the 2021 general elections, Col. (Rtd.) Dr. Kizza Besigye hastily formed the People’s Front for Transformation, a pressure group to push for regime change.

Attempts to popularise the People’s Front for Transformation have continued to suffer terrible political setbacks after many opposition parties refused to join what they termed “irrelevant political bandwagons.”

The latest setback was on November 9th, Wednesday, when JEEMA party officials headed by MP Asuman Basalirwa finally told Besigye to shut up and concentrate on the constitutional way to cause regime change in Uganda.

Time check: 10:20 am at the JEEMA headquarters in Rubaga when MP Basalirwa welcomed journalists to a joint press conference that also had Dr. Besigye in attendance.

In his opening speech and address to the press, JEEMA President MP Basalirwa briefly explained why, at times, he works closely with the NRM regime.

“One advantage is that, since I have been around for some time, among the founding members of Inter Party Dialogue (IPOD), I laugh at people who think I make unilateral decisions. The challenge we have in Uganda is that most opposition parties don’t have patriotic ideologies, but as JEEMA, we are not a confrontational party,” said Basalirwa.

He emphasised the need to use constitutional approaches while pushing for regime change and urged Ugandans to avoid opposition parties that promote violence, tribalism, hatred, and sectarianism.

However, this statement did not go down well with Dr. Besigye, who enjoys a confrontational and defiant political approach when it comes to opposition.

The JEEMA President cautioned Besigye to abandon the politics of defiance and confrontation.

“Take your PFT elsewhere; you keep saying we should work together, but how many parties are under PFT? It is more of a personal thing the way I see it,” said Basalirwa.

According to an eyewitness, Dr. Besigye was seen silently boiling like a wounded lion, in a fit of rage, with the intent to interject and counter Basalirwa’s statements at this point.

He quickly lost his tamper, stood up with his entourage, and stormed out of the press conference. However, before leaving, Dr. Besigye described Basalirwa as an NRM mole whose only goal is to make money.

“You are a mole, a regime propagandist. The front belongs to all Ugandans who support change; it is a platform for all Ugandans; no one owns it,” said Besigye.

Dr. Besigye then rushed to the FDC headquarters in Najjanakumbi, where he held a parallel press conference.

However, sources said that his emergency press conference also interrupted daily activities at the FDC offices, and this did not please some officials.

“This man makes decisions that only benefit him and keep him in the limelight; no wonder he falls out with most of his colleagues. If he wants FDC back, he should just say so instead of playing games,” stated an angry FDC supporter.


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