Operation Shujaa: Over 60 ADF Terrorists Surrender As UPDF-FARDC Clear Roads for More Ground Offensives


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The Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) Engineering Brigade together with The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) has embarked on opening up the impassable Nobili – Kamango – Semliki – Beni road stretch with the first works starting from Mukaakti trading center.

Addressing media from near Semliki Bridge, Col Gbiagolo Antonio, the FARDC Sector Operations Commander said that the joint road construction represents the true brotherhood of the joint military forces and the countries, adding that the road construction will further ease the joint offensive operations against the common enemy.

“We have invited media to first of all inform the world that we are committed to jointly fight our common enemy the ADF and other anti-peace elements. This road construction represents the true brotherhood between FARDC and UPDF; Uganda and DRC at large,” he noted.

Col Gdiagolo also stated that the strikes (Operation Shujaa) have led to the surrender of over 60 ADF fighters to FARDC forces in Beni.

The run-down and narrow 14km road had slowed down the advance of UPDF and FARDC ground offensive against the ADF terrorists.

Speaking on behalf of the UPDF Col James Kasule, of the 111 Mountain Brigade Command informed the media that, UPDF is in DRC to support FARDC in eliminating the ADF terrorists who are not only killing and destabilizing DRC but also terrorizing Uganda.

“In support of our brothers, UPDF are happy and willing to jointly eradicate ADF terrorists hiding in these thick forests. We want to make sure our two countries are peaceful so that such infrastructural development projects can be realized. We urge the ADF to either surrender or prepare for their total annihilation. We shall hunt them wherever they go,” he warned.

The UPDF has been at Mukakati Forward Operations Base (FOB) for a week, carrying out other military activities that enhance combat readiness against ADF terrorists.

The Civil Military engagements with the communities have enabled UPDF to inform the public the objective of being in Congo and this has enabled them to get cooperation and support within said communities.

The UPDF has also conducted medical outreach programs to treat the sick natives, opened up water points for the communities and now the road rehabilitation.

Restoring lasting peace and stability in the greater East African region continues to be The UPDF’s top priority.


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