NUP Split in Masaka: Mpuuga Accuses Mayor Namayanja of Deviating from Party Values


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In Masaka district, the National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters have divided into two factions. Florence Namayanja, the Mayor of Masaka City, leads one group, while Mathias Mpuuga, the leader of the opposition (LOP) in the 11th Parliament, leads the other.

A recent development in the political landscape has sparked a heated exchange, involving Mpuuga, the vice president of NUP in Buganda. Mpuuga has made serious allegations against Namayanja.

Mpuuga has accused Namayanja, a prominent figure within the party, of betraying the core principles cherished by the NUP. The dispute has generated considerable attention, sparking speculation among supporters that the NUP something they claim is tossing the party into FDC’s boat.

The consequences of this divide are extensive and could potentially reshape the party’s future in Masaka.

Mpuuga criticizes Namayanja for neglecting the party’s growth and principles, accusing her of prioritizing personal gain over the party’s welfare. As a result, the NUP leader in Masaka is determined to prevent her from misleading party supporters.

“As a leader of the NUP in Masaka, I will not allow this confusion to happen. I am going to have a meeting with those behind Namayanja and tell them the dos and don’ts of the party,” Mpuuga said.

However, the party supporters loyal to Namayanja declined to attend the meeting, which Mpuuga had organized on Saturday, September 16, in an effort to address the growing concerns.

The supporters accused Mpuuga of exerting excessive control over party affairs in Masaka. They also claimed that the challenges faced by the NUP in Masaka are too overwhelming for him to handle.

During a press conference held on September 16, 2023, in Masaka City, Mayor Namayanja confidently stated that she would not be swayed or discouraged by any remarks made by Mpuuga. She emphasised her determination to carry out her plans without hesitation.

“No one will stop me from doing what I think. I will decide what to do by myself,” Namayanja asserted.

The recent confrontation between Namayanja and Mpuuga within the party has caused a wave of uncertainty and apprehension among party loyalists, who now worry that their party may be on the verge of experiencing internal turmoil similar to that witnessed within their fellow opposition party, the FDC.

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